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If you were searching for a perfect place to get exposure for your product, never turn this page. You are at the right place and your long lasted search has been over. We present news without twist and as quickly as possible. Our own initiative is to collect information, analyse and present. NewZnew is the place for you as we have outstanding traffic stats with accent in traffic every month and week. Here are the traffic stats from past 6 Months:

From above Visits we are generating 1,96,000 impressions. Which means your ad is showing to about 2 lakh times to our users. Our user base is from India mainly from North India. Here’s pictorial graph of from where we are getting traffic:

Advertise with us - Newznew

Types Of Ads Available:

We have lot of ad boards and spaces where we can put your ad. Also, we are also offering many types of advertisements on our site. Those types are:

  1. Ad spot on top header (720×90)
  2. Sidebar banners (300×250)
  3. Small Squares on side bar (125×125)
  4. In Content Banner (320×280, 460×60 and per demand)
  5. Link Ad Sidebar
  6. Pop Over Banner Ad (Any size less than 720 pixel)

You can contact us via email : [email protected] or give us call at + +91 62830 22821, +91 98141 22794, +91 88725 90154

or You can fill below form also for any queries:

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