Airlift 9th Day Box Office Collection, Income or Earning | Airlift Day 9 2nd Saturday BO Business


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Airlift 9th Day Box Office Collection, Income or Earning | Airlift Day 9 2nd Saturday BO Business: Following a fantastic first week it is time for Airlift to confront back just a little set in commerce and its performance. Eighth day weekend that was being opened up with occupancy that was relatively better than previous weekdays. It’s taken a fine beginning Today with public rush in the theatres and theater halls and great rush of crowd. By having gratitude from all the audiences throughout India and foreign, movie had the amazing set in the box office but had neglected to break any large record still it’s done extremely good.


In obtaining substantially higher result from your spectators from around the areas as this picture premiered world extensively on a big word with 3000 displays including international displays helped it. Picture was marketed significantly on the box office via other as well as on-line media as well in developing focus, which is helping it. More pictures are released still yesterday Infant preserved its standing among the crowd to pick it among remainder as much as an extent.

That is really intriguing the makers as well as box office performance are not unhappy with all the groups the Airlift Film has managed to get. Now this can be a brilliant start really for the picture which had been viewed as a specialization endeavor in route dismissal.

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However, the movie is moving towards the hundred crores mark and scrapped all the rumours. Airlift film is performing really amazing on the box office considering that the release of the film on the box office.

Airlift 9th Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Airlift 1st Day Box Office Collection: 12.35
  • Airlift 2nd Day Box Office Collection: 14.60
  • Airlift 3rd Day Box Office Collection: 17.35
  • Airlift 4th Day Box Office Collection: 10.40
  • Airlift 5th Day Box Office Collection: 17.80
  • Airlift 6th Day Box Office Collection: 6.00
  • Airlift 7th Day Box Office Collection: 8.00
  • Airlift 8th Day Box Office Collection: 6.00
  • Airlift 8th Day Box Office Collection: 5.00


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