Famous UK Story teller Giles Abbott showed stories session at Shemrock School



NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Shemrock School Sector – 69 witnessed something surreal when the master storyteller Giles Abbott from U.K displayed his amazing storytelling skills for students. He started storytelling in 1999 in response to sudden and serious, but not total, sight loss in 1998. He performs regularly at major storytelling festivals. The story telling session saw Giles narrating two alluring and captivating stories which held students enthused, absorbed and amused. Students  enjoyed the performance to such an extent that time lost its essence and just seemed to flow away in a blink .The story told by him  involved beauty, love, lust, deceit, horses, carriages and stone castle.


While thanking   Giles Abbott  for his visit in School S.K.Sharma, Director Eduction  ,Shemrock School  said  that such captivating storytelling session could make the audience visualise all the characters and feel a part of the story themselves. According to him storytelling is a great activity of learning. At each phase of the development of the story, kids ask questions. A proper teller can use tricks to make them curios and encourage them to ask questions. Storytelling is the basic training for academic learning. Such activities enhance memory capacity, vocabulary, listening skills in children.

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