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Fortis Hospital, Mohali launches Diabetes Support Group ‘Sambhav’

NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Fortis Hospital, Mohali launched a support group for diabetic patients ‘Sambhav’ to counter the psychological impact that this lifelong disease can have on people. Patients & their family members attended an awareness talk held in this regard. Dr K P Singh, Additional Director, Endocrinology and Dietician Sonia Gandhi, Head, Diabetics & Clinical Nutrition spoke on this occasion.


Diabetes is a condition caused by acute sedentary lifestyle. Once afflicted, a diabetic often suffers from depression. The support group is a platform where such situations are discussed, addressed and counselled under expert supervision. Patients who use the insulin pump therapy also shared their experiences during the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr KP Singh said, “We have observed that people with diabetes are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people without it. Such a situation may lead to an episode of diabetic burnout which can collectively affect the physical health of the patients further. It is even more important for those who are recently diagnosed with diabetes to cope with the complications and pressure to alter a lifestyle. Depression can also impact health due to poor metabolic and glycemic control that may further intensify the symptoms of diabetes. It is extremely important that patients are guided and counselled from time to time. By sharing their experience in such a group, they can learn from each other and draw strength from the fact that their collective dialogue.”


Dietician Sonia Gandhi said, “We’ve seen in our Diet Clinic that depressed people with diabetes are less likely to adhere to medication and diet routines. This is going to affect their quality of life. With a managed diet, a diabetic patient can make substantial qualitative improvement in their lifestyle. Through Sambhav, patients can engage in a constructive way to counter various issues related to diabetes including diet. In the next few months, we will hold a competition for diabetics on healthy eating, among other activities as part of the support group.”

Having used Insulin Pump successfully, a Type 2 diabetes patient, Mr Aneesh Bhanot, said, “I started using an Insulin Pump around 3 years ago and am very happy I did. It allowed me to get control of my sugar levels and helped prevent complications. Earlier, I had to take around 60 injections every month and I would actually forget to take many; now it’s down to only 4-5 times a month when I need to recharge insulin and I receive insulin continuously. It’s really convenient and very good.”

Talking about the significance of support groups, Mr Abhijit Singh, Facility Director of Fortis Mohali, said, “It provided a forum to diabetics to share notes, experiences and motivate each other in the long journey of living with this lifestyle disorder.”

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