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Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri launches NAREDCO Mahi’s ‘Nirmal Jal Prayaas’

Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri launches NAREDCO Mahi’s ‘Nirmal Jal Prayaas’: National Real Estate Development Council’s women wing NAREDCO Mahi launched ‘Nirmal Jal Prayaas’, an initiative to save water bodies.

Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri launches NAREDCO Mahi's 'Nirmal Jal Prayaas'

The initiative was launched by Hon’ble Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, in the presence of the National President of NAREDCO Shri Rajan Bandelkar and President, NAREDCO Mahi, Smt. Tara Subramaniam at PlumbEx India organized by Indian Plumbing Association.

During the event, Hon’ble Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri launched the logo NAREDCO Mahi ‘Nirmal Jal Prayaas’ .

Addressing the program, Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri said, “I am pleased to be launching NAREDCO Mahi’s Nirmal Jal Prayaas Mission. I am informed that this initiative will also lead to saving almost 500 crore litre of water per year.”

He further said, “It is encouraging to know that women who have been worst affected by water scarcity have stepped up to promote the environment. I look forward to see the progress this initiative makes.”

Speaking on the Government flagship scheme AMRUT, Mr Puri said that AMRUT 2.0 with an outlay of Rs 277,000 crore has been designed to realise the aspirants of a new urban India by making all our cities water secure. In AMRUT 2.0 we are expanding our coverage from 500 cities to all statutory towns in India. It will provide 100% water supply to all houses in 4,700 urban local bodies.

Speaking at the launch of NAREDCO Mahi’s initiative, Shri Rajan Bandelkar, National President, NAREDCO said, “It is well-acknowledged that water conservation is the need of the hour. The Real Estate Industry and Allied stakeholders, need to be sensitized in this regard. With our quest for innovation in real estate and related accessories, NAREDCO has always strived to save every drop of water possible and promote recycling of water. Nirmal Jal Prayaas is going to be NAREDCO Mahi’s flagship initiative in this path.”

The world today grapples with a looming environmental and water crisis with only 3% of the world’s water being fresh water, and two-thirds of that is tucked away in frozen glaciers which otherwise is unavailable for use, National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) has been proactive and at the forefront of the Indian Industries’ efforts towards water conservation. NAREDCO has been successfully partnering with the Indian Plumbing Association to resolve the plumbing issues faced by builders all through the life of their projects.

Speaking on this occasion Ms. Tara Subramaniam, President, NAREDCO Mahi said, “MAHI is a river and we named our Women’s Wing Mahi too, because both give life and signify growth. The importance towards water conservation and efforts to promote saving in homes is well-embedded in our plans and it is one of core targets.”

The Nirmal Jal Prayaas launched by NAREDCO Mahi looks into mapping ground water as it is very important to save underground water. While the government is doing a lot towards policies, strategy and execution to ensure rural areas get drinking water but without the support of citizen collaboration, this task is incomplete.

Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi, President Elect, NAREDCO Mahi said, “Each drop matters. If every citizen is conscious of saving these precious Meghkamal drops, we are home.”

Ms. Khair Ull Nissa Sheikh, Vice President, NAREDCO Mahi said, “With Nirmal Jal Prayaas, we seek to bring water to break the cycle of poverty, to protect and save lives, spur system changes at all levels – local, national, and global and to make bright futures possible. MAHI seeks to help solve the global water crisis, removing the financial barriers that stand between people in need and access to safe water and sanitation at home.”

Talking about holistic well-being, Ms. Preeti Singh Mundra, General Secretary, NAREDCO Mahi, said, “Our body is made of about 60% of water and all our vital functions are dependent on that. Therefore, we need to Conserve our water resources to ensure Smooth Functioning of the Ecosystem to gain holistic health and environment.”

NAREDCO Mahi, the women wing of NAREDCO, was set up in 2021 with an aim to empower women entrepreneurs and encourage participation of women in the real estate sector and allied fields. NAREDCO Mahi strives to create an environment where women in the real estate sector can come together to share experiences, harness their skills, draw on their resources, influence, grow and bring about lasting change.

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