Toned body, tamed mind and tuned-in soul – 3 Keys to Healthy Ageing


Fortis Hospital’s Mohali’s Dr Parvinder tells members of Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik Club

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Members of Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik Club learned ‘Keys to Healthy Ageing’ during a talk by an expert in a city restaurant here on Tuesday night.


Delivering the talk Dr Parvinder Chawla, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mohali, set the pace for the evening by taking a realistic, yet spiritual route, to life, and said, “It has been said that death is the ultimate truth and none of us can escape this reality. What we can target though is to be able to live the final years of our lives gracefully, being of value to those around. If we look at what impairs this from happening, it often boils down to the choices that we make during life ‘You are the creator of your own destiny’ – as Swami Vivekananda said.”

Talking about lifestyle diseases, she said it’s important to know and accept that diseases can be grouped into three main categories – Genetic, which we inherit from our parents; Environmental, which we ‘catch’ by virtue of where we live; and Lifestyle, which come from how we live.

“Today, it is the last category, the lifestyle diseases, which are responsible for most of the ill-health that we see around. If we look at the way of life of those who have lived a healthy life beyond the 100 year mark, we see a stark commonality in their lives, be it in terms of their dietary habits, their physical activity level, their ability to respect their bodies, their connectedness with those around and their positive outlook towards life. For the purpose of easy remembrance, all this commonality can be summed up in the phrase ‘Toned body, tamed mind and tuned-in soul’.”

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She added: “Lifestyle diseases today cause almost 36 million premature deaths every year as per a WHO estimate. As many as 48% of these are related to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, 21% due to cancers, 12% due to chronic respiratory diseases and 3% due to diabetes. All this can change in the coming future if we individually and collectively decide to live healthier and active lives steering away from dietary excesses, smoking and excess alcohol. Science is playing its own role towards this direction by giving us vaccines that can protect us from many infections and cancers too.”

She emphasized that preventive health checks and regular screening for diseases could save many from unwanted problems later. “We also have immunizations for adults now, to make it easier for them to enjoy good health during the twilight years. If you have kidney disease, ask your doctor if you need Hepatitis B and Pneumonia vaccination, if you have liver disease, ask your doctor if need Hepatitis B and Pneumonia vaccination, if you have diabetes, ask your doctor if you need Hepatitis B and Pneumonia vaccination, if you have chronic lung disease, ask your doctor if you need Pneumonia vaccination, etc,” she educated.


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