Workshop conducted on Technology Innovation at Chitkara University


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Chitkara University is a place of original thinkers; nurturing and stimulating inquisitive minds to produce graduates with innovative ideas, perspective and approaches. Keeping on with the spirit, University organized a 4 day course titled “Technology Innovation” for students of first year (Batch 2016) .


We at Chitkara University feel that if we start motivating and directing young minds at the early stage of their graduation it will result in better development of students and help them set goals in this fast moving and technologically advanced world. Various workshops were organized under this course like robotics, aircraft design, digital animation, digital marketing, financial markets, mobile application development, entrepreneurship were undertaken by the top stalwarts of the industry like Mr.  J.D. Ghai from, Mr. Abhiraj Malhotra from School Pad, Mr. Sameer Sharma from Trideal, Mr. Ashish Bali from

The students seemed excited about the entire concept of choice based credit system and the courses involved in the same. They said  we have started the journey of another exceptional year  brimming with interactions and activities with ‪‎faculty from outside the campus learning new dimensions of technology.

The facilitator mentored the students on their ideas and findings like tyer trappers, power trousers’, riveria home’s, shine etc. The program was about significance usage of tools in industry and practical approach towards development of technology.

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The brimming enthusiasm of the students made them break their shells, come out of the cocoons and they had amazing four days of learning, building and constructing.

 Dr. Rajnish Sharma, Dean Academics, Chitkara University expressed his complete satisfaction with the way all the courses were conducted, implemented and finally imbibed by the students. He said that with this Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh has formally brought the concept of Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) as directed by UGC. He expressed his gratitude to Mr. Mohit Chitkara, Vice president Chitkara Educational Trust and Dr. Archana Mantri for bringing up this innovative idea for first year students and making all the resources available for the same.

The conclusion of the event saw all the members strengthening their commitment towards becoming a better knowledge learners and to continually enhance their knowledge database to explore their full potential.


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