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India’s electronics manufacturing jumps from $30 bn to $100 bn: PM Modi

India’s electronics manufacturing jumps from $30 bn to $100 bn: PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday revealed that India’s electronic manufacturing has exceeded $100 billion from $30 billion in 2014.

India’s electronics manufacturing jumps from $30 bn to $100 bnHe made the revelation after officially opening the SemiconIndia 2023 here.

The conference, under the theme ‘Catalysing India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem’, will showcase India’s ambitious strategy and policy in becoming a global nucleus for semiconductor design, manufacturing, and technology development.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi drew parallels between Moore’s Law, which predicts the exponential growth of technology, and India’s digital and electronic manufacturing sectors.

He informed the audience that India’s share in global electronic manufacturing has surged dramatically.

“In 2014, India’s electronic manufacturing was less than $30 billion, which has now exceeded $100 billion,” Modi revealed.

He also shared that the export of electronics and mobile devices had doubled in the last two years, while stressing the importance of gatherings like SemiconIndia as platforms where industry leaders and experts converge to exchange insights and updates.

“It is crucial for the synchronisation of our relationship,” Modi explained.

He expressed delight at the exhibition’s innovative displays and the sector’s vibrant energy, urging all attendees, particularly the youth, to explore the exhibition and understand the potential of new technology.

Reflecting on last year’s Semicon event, the Prime Minister remarked on the shift in the investment climate within a single year, from ‘Why invest in India’ to ‘Why not invest in India’.

“This directional change is the result of the industry leaders’ efforts,” Modi praised, as he commended their belief in India’s potential.

He lauded the industry leaders for aligning India’s aspirations and capabilities with their own future goals and dreams.

“India does not disappoint,” he declared.

Prime Minister Modi emphasised the extensive opportunities in 21st century India, highlighting the nation’s democracy, demography, and dividend as strong indicators for business expansion.

Providing further insight into India’s technological progress since 2014, the Prime Minister reported a notable increase in the number of mobile manufacturing units, broadband users, and internet connections.

He maintained that these statistics signify not only India’s progress but also burgeoning business opportunities.

“The world is witnessing the Industry 4.0 revolution today,” Modi noted, asserting that Indian aspirations are the driving force behind the country’s development.

He stressed the rapid decline in poverty rates, the emergence of a new middle class, and the growing adoption of technology among Indian consumers as key factors fostering the consumption of digital products.

“The growing neo-middle class of India has become the powerhouse of Indian aspirations,” the Prime Minister affirmed.

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