200 gynecologists attend live workshop for advanced laparoscopy in Gynecology


Masterclass on Stitchless scarless and painless surgeries demonstrated at workshop

NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : A Symposium on LIVE OPERATIVE WORKSHOP FOR ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPY IN GYNAECOLOGY was held at Max Hospital Mohali where around 200 Gynecologists from Tricity & surrounding areas ( Haryana  & Punjab) participated. This included Senior Gynecologists from Post Graduate Institute of  Medical Education and Research, (PGIMER Chandigarh)and GMCH -Sec 32. The workshop was held in collaboration with Chandigarh Obstetrics and Gynecology Society(COGS).


This MASTERCLASS was conducted by Dr Seema Wadhwa, Senior Consultant Gynecologist & Laparoscopy Specialist, Max Hospital Mohali who did a live demonstration of these surgeries. The focus was on Advanced Technology & Latest Energy Sources to reduce Operating time and at the same time refine interpersonal skills with difficult surgeries with newer innovative Techniques.  Many Gynaecologists & Surgeons of the region participated in the Workshop. Dr Nutan Jain, Senior Gynecologist &  Infertility Specialist was invited as the Chief Guest for the Workshop.

One in Six women undergo Uterus Removal Surgery worldwide by the time they are 60 years of age. This makes Uterus Removal Surgery also known as Hysterectomy as the most common Elective Surgery among Women ( second only to childbirth i.e. LSCS). Dr Wadhwa pointed out the increasing incidence of  Uterus Removal Surgeries in women especially in peripheral areas for trivial problems. It is estimated that by the age of 60 years every 3rd woman has already undergone Hysterectomy.  She focused on ways & techniques used to reduce such procedures. If need arises for surgery, instead of open surgeries, Keyhole or Laparoscopic surgeries are recommended which are STICHLESS, SCARLESS & PAINLESS thanks to Latest Technology  & Energy Sources available here at Max hospital.

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Problems like Abnormal Uterine Bleeding  should initially be medically managed and surgery avoided as many medical methods to save uterus  are available. However in case of Failure of Medical Management Surgical options , that too Laparoscopy should be considered by Gynaecologists. There is minimal  role of Open Surgeries in Modern Gynaecology.

Most common Indication for Hysterectomy are Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis,  Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and Cancer. Thanks to the newer Innovation & Resources available along with Highly sophisticated & Advanced Energy Sources the technique of Gynaecological Keyhole Surgeries has tremendously evolved. Huge ovarian cysts as well as uterus removal surgeries are done similarly. Patient is allowed to climb stairs and join their jobs within a few days. Bed rest is not suggested to any of our patients who undergo these surgeries as it is not required by these special technique’s.

To discuss & demonstrate the same Dr Wadhwa operated upon patients requiring Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy to relieve their symptoms. It was a Hands- On experience for the Gynaecologists present  there as this is a Stichless, Scarless, & Painless technique for the patient. Being a Daycare procedure the patient is discharged within 24 hours & can resume normal day to day activities in 2 days time. No hospitalisation is required. There is no risk of any postoperative complications as Hernia & adhesion formation as seen after open surgeries  does not occur.

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 “Laparoscopy means Key hole surgeries. The main stay of surgery is to look into the abdomen by a tiny nick as small as 5 mm given at the belly button through which a telescope is introduced. This can view the internal organs of the patient as the uterus, ovaries, tubes ,intestines, liver etc. Any abnormal findings such as any cyst in ovary ,any fibroid in uterus or any tumour can be removed with the instruments that are 5 mm in diameter. As a result NO CUT or incision is given to the patient’s abdomen. Since the muscles of the abdomen are not cut patient does not feel any pain in the post operative period. So much so that within 6-8 hours of surgery patient is allowed to move around and visit the washroom.

As a Faculty for Ethicon Institute Of Scientific Education ( EISE), Dr Wadhwa emphasized on the importance of latest devices like GEN 11, ENSEAL & HARMONIC which cause no lateral damage to body tissues during surgery & eliminate the possibility of postoperative pain & morbidity for the patient. So much so that the patient can return to normal day to day activities within 24 hours of surgery.

During the Live Demonstration of Difficult Surgical procedures like Fibroid, Ovarian Cysts and Uterus Removal, an exhaustive discussion was done on various techniques by senior Gynaecologists of the region  as panelists .

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