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3 Dom Perignon Wines You Should Not Miss Tasting Today

3 Dom Perignon Wines You Should Not Miss Tasting Today: People are obsessed when it comes to alcoholic drinks. Some are even consuming alcohol on a daily basis due to the fact that they wanted to get away with the stress they feel all day long.


Yes, alcoholic drinks for most of us are a stress reliever and it changes our mood. Once we sip a glass of alcoholic beverages, we tend to feel light and happy though we are tired initially.

The same goes for wines. When you ask a lot of people what kind of alcoholic drink they prefer to overcome their daily challenges, most of them will respond to drinking a glass of wine. In fact, wines have existed for more than centuries now and have greatly impacted every individual. A celebration or even an ordinary meal is not completed without grabbing a bottle of wine to toast.

That said, one of the oldest, classic, premier, and elite wines that are very popular until nowadays are Dom Perignon wines. They are known to be a true alliance of lightness, intensity, and vibrancy. Actually, Dom Perignon wines are called as the “King of Red Wines” due to the fact that each bottle of Dom Perignon exudes a hedonistic and luxurious taste when it reaches your palate.

Hence, as you go along and search for a vintage red wine to taste, you’ll never go wrong grabbing a  Dom Perignon wine. In this article, we’d like to show you the most popular Dom Perignon wine labels you should taste right now. These Dom Perignon wine labels are not only for celebration purposes, but they can be consumed on a daily basis or even paired with the most exciting dishes you serve.

2009 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon

The 2009 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon is a Champagne blend that exudes a true taste of ripeness. When you sip a glass of this wine, you will feel a true power of what a graceful Champagne means. The texture of this wine boasts a crystalline-like acidity of fine wine. Aside from that, you are able to taste the luscious notes of raspberry which comes in white appearance, Grey tea, and brioche.

Aside from that, this wine is made from exquisite elements of apple, cream, mango, chalk follow, and honeysuckle. This what makes that wine appear in a yellowish-like texture. It also comes in a full-bodied and tight texture tannin content. As this wine reaches your palate, it creates an overwhelming taste which makes you pour another glass or two.

Lastly, the 2009 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon is best paired with foods that come oily and dairy. It blends with the taste of the food when it’s inside your palate. This wine can really offer true integrity of what really vintage fine wine can offer to exude a  real smoothness and delights of complex aromas to taste,

2008 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon

A year older than the  2009 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon, the 2008 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon is the most fabulous wine that Dom Perignon wines have to offer. It has the most precise and focused taste that exudes full delight and bright taste. This wine looks a little darker in color compared to the 2009 Moet Chandon.

The elements found in this wine label are a combination of white flowers, lemon peel, white pepper, and mint which offers that bright and chiseled profile. One of the best things that 2008 Moet Chandon can offer is the translucent and vibrant energy it can give as it reaches your palate. It creates a unique taste in your tastebuds which ensembles a remarkable finish that other wines cannot produce.

Also, the same with the 2009 Moet Chandon, this wine is best paired with dairy foods. Additionally, you can also pair this one with grilled chicken and well done meaty meals. This wine blends well with the said food and makes sure that they digest well inside your tummy. This is truly one of the amazing Dom Perignon wine label you should not miss grabbing as you head on to your most favorite winery stores.

2005 Moet Dom Perignon Rose

A proprietary blend of Dom Perignon which comes in an obvious rose color and appearance. This Dom Perignon wine label offers a complex and intriguing taste. Not only that, but it also comes in the brisk, multi-faceted, and refreshing vibe as soon as you sip a glass of this wine. This truly tastes superb and a Dom Perignon wine label you cannot resist.

A bottle of 2005 Moet Dom Perignon Rose is composed of elements from sage, dried flowers, shades of nuance, mint, and orange. The tannin content is full bodied which taste very light as it reaches your taste buds.

This wine is best paired with foods like pizza, burger, and sandwiches. The sweet taste blends together with the cheesy flavor of the food making sure that they fully digest inside your stomach.  The 2005 Moet Dom Perignon Rose is another Dom Perignon wine you should not miss tasting.

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