Fair & Handsome instant fairness facewash introducing a packaging iInnovation a Rs. 10/-


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Fair and Handsome, the iconic brand on men’s grooming from the house of Emami Limited has introduced yet another pioneering packaging innovation for its Facewash product.  Men’s Facewash segment is predominantly considered to be an urban phenomenon due to the metro centric approach of the industry.  In a sharp deviation from this prevalent industry pattern,  FAIR AND HANDSOME INSTANT FAIRNESS FACEWASH has introduced an uniquely innovative packaging of a convenient  7 gm tube packed in a flow wrap covering, which is easier to dispense, store and carry along.

The new packaging, priced at an incredibly nominal price point of only Rs.10/- has been launchedfor the very first timeto penetrate the largely untapped market of smaller Tier III and Tier IV cities and rural India.

Powered by the celeb equity of Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan, Fair and Handsome Facewash enjoys high brand recognition across demographics.   Riding on this celeb power, Fair and Handsome Facewash’s innovative packaging comes in a flow wrap tube format adorning Hrithik’s image in a refreshingly blue colour scheme to add aspiration for the TG. Taking advantage of the strong and deep distribution network of Emami Limited, this innovative move by Fair and Handsome has made its Facewash accessible to those untapped markets targeting consumers who desire to look well-groomed but find facewash to be an expensive luxury and opt for bathing soaps for face cleansing.   Further, Emami endeavors to initiate the new consumers in those untapped markets into learning the correct way of using facewash by graphical usage instructions on the back of the pack.

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Major brands in men’s face wash category totals to approx. Rs.250 crores with a 30% growth rate year on year. Approximately 80% of face wash sales come from urban India. This reflects the vast potential of the segment to expand its penetration level to other demographies as well.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Limited said “Given the Indian weather, Face Wash has a huge potential for growth and is a highly relevant product for consumers.    However, Men’s Face Wash, a low penetrated category is predominantly led by top urban markets.  The launch of our new innovative Fair and Handsome Instant Fairness face wash pack, priced accessibly at Rs.10/- is expected to cater to the aspirations of the value-conscious men in the untapped markets  which is beyond urban metro cities.  This step reaffirms our thought leadership in the areas of innovation and deep understanding of consumer’s unmet needs.”

Launched in 2014, Fair and Handsome Instant Fairness Facewash was born out of deep consumer understanding on the multiplicity of men’s needs, providing an instant fairer look, oil removal, dirt

removal, sweat cleansing and a refreshed feel. Within two years, the brand has become one of the front running men’s facewash brands enjoying a market share (volume) of 12%.

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The launch of the new Rs 10/- tube in a flow-wrap pack would be supplemented by focused communication strategies in target markets through point-of-sales campaign and media support.

Fair and Handsome Facewash is also available in 20g, 50g and 100g pack sizes priced at Rs 35, Rs 80 and Rs 135 respectively.



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