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43rd Das Dharma Sevadari Divas Samagam Loni Darbar

43rd Das Dharma Sevadari Divas Samagam Loni Darbar: ‘Don’t talk about peace in the world, but believe in it and walk on the meaningful path of peace’ – Maharaj Trilochan Darshan Das Ji Das Took the oath.

43rd Das Dharma Sevadari Divas Samagam Loni DarbarParam Sant Maharaj Trilochan Das Ji, head of Sachkhand Nanak Dham, while addressing the huge gathering of present devotees, said that the basic element of Das Dharma is that human can become human in true sense only when he is spiritually and mentally calm.

Be Jand be ready for the welfare of others. In order to love humanity in a person, a Guru is needed because he gives newness by washing the utensil in the form of human.

On the occasion of Shivratri, Guru Maharaj ji praised Lord Mahadev in this gathering and called upon the whole world to unite and try to establish peace so that in the coming times, the whole world can make the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam meaningful.

Das Deepak Marwah and Das Harry told that on the fourth day of the four-day gathering of Dharma Sevadari Divas, books and stationery items to poor students and free education to children.

A free eye camp, free medical camp, meditation camp and 24-hour continuous langar were arranged in this gathering dedicated to public welfare and world peace.

Satya Bhushan Jain told that today in the meditation camp, Guru Maa Vibhuti Trilochan Das ji made the seekers practice meditation and samadhi, along with the benefits of meditation and how meditation can reduce stress and make life calm and happy. can throw light on the subject.

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