7 Billion acts of Goodness launched by Brahma Kumaris


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Brahma kumaris World Spiritual University- Sector 15, Chandigarh branch, at Global peace House has bench-marked the global project of ‘7 Billion Acts of Goodness’ on 7th Dec, 2014. The event was graced by Sanjay Tondon, President, BJP, Chandigarh, and Chief Guest for the day. Other prominent personalities included Rajesh Sharma, Director, procurement, Punjab health services; Ishwar Singh, IFS, Forest Conservator, Central Government; Ravinder Sharma, Artist cum professor, Government College of Arts, Sector 10, chandigarh; Rahul Gupta, PCS, DIG, UT; Saurabh joshi, Councillor, Ward no. 2; Asha Kumari Jaswal, Councillor, ward no.4. The event has been launched in various cities both at the national and international level by Brahma kumaris.

Brother Sanjay Tondon, President, BJP, Chandigarh graced the occasion by saying that goodness reflects back in our lives. He also inspired the audience by saying that one needs to have a determined thought to do good deeds with love and that at the end of the day the return of our good deeds flows back from Almighty. “Take the pledge to improvise the self each day, so that you experience a newness every day”, he said.

Rajyogini Brahma kumara Sister Anita, Center Incharge of Brahma kumaris branch, sector 15, who headed the local launching of the global-campaign initiative of Brahma Kumaris said,” Every little act of brings about wonders. We all want to re-create the world of our dreams, but this requires consistent efforts at individual level. Change that we want to bring about has to evolve from our selves first. In order to finish a wrong deed, replace it by adopting a good one.” She also said that the motto of this project is also to experience the subtle happiness that flows-in with goodness. While introducing the theme of the Brahma kumaris project, Sister Anita said that the project is non-controversial and universal as it takes us above the rigidities of caste, creed and color and teaches us the true religion of humans and that is humanity and kindness to all. While emphasizing the need of the project in the present value-crisis time, Sister Anita said, “The movement has been launched in various other cities of India and abroad. The basis of this project is to discover the Hero which lies within each of us, that is to discover the innate, pervasive yet hidden virtues and learn to use it for self and global benefit. It starts with awareness, then attitude and then actions.”

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Brother Ishwar singh IFS, Forest Conservator, Central Government emphasized on the need to promote happiness. Sharing his experiences, he said that the most important requirement of today to to spread happiness as it is priceless. He said, “A single seed of good deed leads to the creation of the tree carrying infinite fruits of happiness”.

Ravinder Sharma, Artist cum professor, Government College of Arts, sector 10, Chandigarh showcased a presentation carrying the glimpses of art by eminent people like Rabindranath Tagore, T.S Elite etc. it showed how spreads goodness art by showcasing human virtues through painting and literature.

Brother Rahul Gupta, PCS, DIG, UT said, “Blessings of happiness is the most treasured gift that we can give today to anyone and everyone. A smiling face can cheer-up many a disheartened hearts.”

Sister Asha Kumari Jaswal, Councillor, ward no.4 said that helping addicts get-rid of their addictions that are hampering their lives and that of their loved ones is a great help that we extend in the present time of addiction.

To promote the culture of giving, a video presentation showcasing the positive impact of good deeds and how goodness returns was also shown. The launching concluded with candle lightening, along with the filling-up of pledge forms to do at least an extra good deed, above the routine plan by the audience.

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