8-yr boy gets new lease of life


An 8-yr boy from Himachal has got a new lease of life. Raghav Sen Gupta, the youngest of two sons of his parents has been operated successfully for a complex congenital abnormality of kidney recently. The boy had persistent pain in the right side of abdomen and was not getting relieved with local medication. His CT scan was found to have uretero-pelvic junction obstruction, a complex congenital abnormality of the kidney.

Addressing a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club today, Dr Neeraj Goyal, consultant-urologist & kidney transplant surgeon who did the surgery at Alchemist Hospital , Panchkula said that the valve connecting the kidney and its drainage tube i.e. ureter is inherently narrow in uretero-pelvic junction obstruction. It usually exists since the time of birth and as the child grows, this narrow valve is not able to cope up with its growth and start creating problems. This leads to abdominal pain and swelling in the kidney and may cause permanent damage of kidney if not properly diagnosed and treated.”

Raghav who is now absolutely fine , underwent laparoscopic pyeloplasty, a highly demanding and sophisticated surgery in which the narrow segment of the ureter is excised and reconstructed. The operation that was totally bloodless was performed using three small painless keyholes incisions in the abdomen.

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Dr Goyal said , earlier this surgery was traditionally performed using open surgery that resulting in large incisions, prolonged hospitalizations, prolonged bed rest and loss of work hours. But nowadays with evolving technology and increasing surgical expertize, all these complex surgeries can be comfortably performed using laparoscope. Patients from tricity and adjoining states had to go to Delhi-NCR in the past, as these facilities were not available around.”


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