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Aashiqui, a Facebook like Social Networking App for Android and iPhone launched in India

PicNewZNew (Chandigarh) : Aashiqui, an Indian social network launched by twenty year old entrepreneur Gurnam Sunny and his partner 21 year old Inderdeep Bassi, Aashiqui, stands out for its easy to use social network that features an attractive, almost post-modern aesthetic and a much-improved user experience. It allows you to connect to the whole world through status updates, photos, comments, messages along with some very interesting features.It has been created by Indians keeping Indian users in mind.

On Aashiqui, you get to set a background “cover” image for your profile, and choose not one but two personal profile photo for yourself. An interesting feature about Aashiqui App is that it allows users to put two profile pictures. Your postings as well as those of your friends (including status updates, photos, check-ins, and the music you’re currently listening to) are uploaded in a straightforward, reverse-chronological timeline.

Also, there is an option which lets users update their statuses in two different ways: users can either update a status the traditional way, or they can use a photo from Aashiqui’s gallery & use it as a background for their status.It offers a wide range of templates that you can add while posting a message.

The hashtag feature is also available for you to hashtag your photos and statuses which will make your content easier to find when searched by other users who share the same interests. And by clicking on hashtags you will be taken to feeds of public posts that contain the same hashtag.

There is also an instant messenger option for group chats. You can then interact with people in those groups, posting status updates, check-in information, and photographs. Anything you update to one group is exclusive to that group. This applicationcan also be used for holding electronic conference as well.

Gurnam Sunny, CEO of Aashiqui, said “I was very passionate about computers and technology since childhoodand my dream was to make social networking more interesting and unique. Through Aashiqui App you can do everything you do on Facebook. But we have added several unique features.”

While designing this app, an important idea was to allow people to use it easily and to have fun interacting with their friends. The dedicated servers will let users upload and download data at a very fast rate. Aashiqui is free to use anywhere around the world and available for Android and iPhone platforms.The app is now available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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