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About Six6s Affiliate Program

At the current stage of the gambling and betting activities market development, the available platforms in India have introduced a significant amount of the available activities. One of them is Six6s.

About Six6s Affiliate ProgramNot only can you use casino and bookmaker services, but you can also become a Six6s affiliate. The company aims to provide as many benefits as possible to both regular players of the platform and new players who are just starting out in this sector. Here are some of them:

  • The platform has an increased variety of the available activities, which players may access at any time. Six6s platform puts a lot of resources of the company into the development of the new activities that could be both accessed via web site and application of the platform. It is not a secret for everyone that the company hired the best software engineers in the field of gambling and betting software development;
  • In terms of the connection with the payment systems and the servers, which ensure the proper work of the application and web site, these actions are done with the highest quality. Six6s platform has spent a decent amount of money on the servers creating and purchasing, so no disconnections are expected during the playtime;
  • The amount of available benefits and bonuses for the players is really significant. There is an extended variety of the bonuses which players may use in their personal account forms and during the registration. There are such bonuses as the first deposit multiplication. This can significantly increase the amount of the first deposit.

These were the main benefits and advantages of the Six6s platform. But, there is one most important thing about the platform – it is a fully legal service provider, which acts legally and rightfully in the gambling market. So, the affiliates of the company may safely sign contracts with Six6s and do the business together.

Six6s affiliate program sign up guide

There is an opportunity for the players to conduct the business altogether with the platform. So, you may establish a successful business line and become a partner of the platform. The effective partnership makes both sides benefit. The essence of the partnership is that a partner attracts additional users to the platform, and gains the bonuses from the connections of every new user that has been brought to the platform. The program sign up guide is the following:

  1. In order to become the partner you will need to contact the platform 1st;
  2. After the contact, there would be an assessment procedure that will determine whether the partnership is possible;
  3. At the next stage, you will need to sign an agreement with the platform that defines the workflow;
  4. Since you are a partner now, you need to promote the platform and bring new audiences to it. You may use various types of marketing activities in order to do so;
  5. After you develop your marketing strategy as the partner of the platform, you should track the results of your work and receive the bonuses.

This was the instruction on how to become the partner and affiliate of the platform. The successful partnership leads to a significant amount of bonuses for the affiliates. This is not a secret that people may receive really significant amounts of money on that.

What does the affiliate programme at Six6s offer?

The affiliate programme is a great alternative income option based on Six6s. After all, after registering and becoming an “affiliate”, the player can start performing actions and earning. The benefits and main offerings of the affiliate programme include:

  • The right to receive net profit, which is calculated according to the formula “player’s winnings or losses minus 20% deduction and minus used bonuses”;
  • Commission, which is equal to the net profit multiplied by the commission amount;
  • Bonus offers, which consist of promotions plus VIP Club bonuses, minus the recycling amount and cancellation commission;
  • Three types of multi-commission plans Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid;
  • Ability to contact and receive support via WhatsApp, Telegram, email [email protected];
  • Regular payments every week are guaranteed;
  • Simple fulfilment of affiliate duties, including placing your referral link or code and attracting new user audience.

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we will answer the most popular questions regarding the affiliate partnership and registration:

Is it safe to join the affiliate programme at the Six6s platform?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to join this programme. A lot of players already became the partners of the programme and received a significant amount of bonuses.

How can I promote the platform? Can I use the web sites, blogs, and social networks in order to do so?

The answer is yes, you may use any marketing sources that are available to you. You are free to use any marketing schemes in order to attract customers.

How can I track my activity and number of the attracted players?

You may track your activity and activity of your players in the special dashboard that would be provided to you.

What is the minimum age of the players who could be brought to the platform via affiliate programme?

The minimum required age is 18 years. Players under this age are prohibited from playing at Six6s platform.

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