AIHM organized an interactive workshop on Italian Cuisine


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management organized an interactive workshop for the students and faculty on Italian Cuisine conducted by Chef Manav Suri, from Gusto Kitchen & Kaffe, Chandigarh. The students of the institute & faculty participated in the workshop.


Chef Manav Suri is a renowned Chef possessing varied international exposure and has vast knowledge of international cuisines. In the workshop, Chef Manav shared his knowledge and skills about the origin of the Italian cuisine, regional variations, cultural and regional influences, the modifications with due course of time and the latest trends. In his trademark style, he interacted with the participants so as to make them understand the finer points of the cuisine. The students were very fervent to participate in these interactive sessions which lasted for about 6 hours. There was a huge bonhomie between the chef and the participants thereby creating an ambience of learning.

DSC00688This was followed by live demonstrations of classical and contemporary trends of Italian cuisines giving the participants hands on experience in preparing the exquisite Italian delicacies such as marinated button mushrooms with balsamic glaze ,Parmesan cracker, osso Bucco Ala Milanese with Risotto, Pollo Ala Basil Pesto ,Banana Pannacotta Aranchini Balls/Suppli Di Riso. A variety of interesting ingredients such as Mascarpone Cheese, Kosher Salt, and Arborio Rice were used to whip out these dishes which were not only visible delight but also tasted as heaven by the students.

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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” spoke Varun Yadav a Student of 3rd Semester on said occasion.

Mrs. Bharti Tyagi, Principal of the institute expressed her gratitude over the interactive session and demonstrations and further added, “Such workshop provide student with a unique out of box exposure, which increases their awareness about the newest trends in the modern Italian gastronomy.”

The students had questions and answer round which Chef Suri at the end of the session and this was followed by vote of thanks to the Chef, Media and all the participants for making the show a grand success.

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