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Amazon opens its first physical clothing store in US

Amazon opens its first physical clothing store in US: Amazon has opened its first physical clothing retail store in the US, as the e-commerce giant in March announced to shut down more than 60 of its retail stores, including Amazon Books.

Amazon.comNow open to the public, ‘Amazon Style‘ offers customers a personalised and convenient shopping experience while creating local jobs, said the company.

Amazon is thrilled to welcome Los Angeles-area customers to shop at Amazon Style, our first-ever physical clothing store, and to introduce the local community to a few of the employees making it all happen,” it said in a statement late on Wednesday.

Each apparel features a QR code that customers can scan to curate a list of clothing they would like to try on in a fitting room or pick up for purchase.

Shoppers can also pick clothes on, have them delivered to the store to try them on, and return if it does not fit.

Open from 10 am to 9 pm most days, the apparel store is an addition to Amazon’s lineup of physical locations, along with Whole Foods and its cashier-less Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh grocery stores.

The company said that ‘Amazon Style‘ is designed to help customers with advanced technology and world-class operations.

“Our team of employees is dedicated to helping customers find looks they love and feel great in,” it said.

Amazon realier announced to shut down retail stores across the US and the UK.

The retail giant said it was shutting over 60 bookstores, Amazon Pop-Ups, and “Amazon 4-star” shops.

The e-commerce giant said that it now plans to shift its focus to opening more fashion and grocery stores instead.

To recall, Amazon launched its first physical bookstore in Seattle in 2015, and later expanded brick-and-mortar stores across the US and abroad.

The company’s retail footprint expanded with the $13.7 billion expansion of Whole Foods in 2017, along with its own Amazon Fresh grocery stores.

Amazon has also been working on ‘Just Walk Out’ cashierless shopping technology at Amazon Go convenience stores.

In Q4 2021, the company reported its physical retail business generated $4.68 billion, up from $4.02 billion in the year-ago quarter.

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