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Ashmah International School’s Day Out, Tiny tots enjoy pool party

NewZNew (S A S Nagar) :  Ashmah International school organized a summer cool party for the students in the campus during vacations. The little ones enjoyed the splash pool, drinks and fruits to beat the heat .They played in swimming pool wearing crowns of different summer fruits. The teachers explained the importance of fruits and juices, lassi, curd and encouraged them to have these entire daily to keep them energetic in the hot summer. School Director J S Kesar appreciated the efforts and encouraged the little ones to take fruits in their regular meals.

The motive for the act as effective stress busters in the hectic school schedule and also help to create an environment that is conducive to the general growth and development of young minds.

While speaking on this occasion Director J. S Kaser said that it is very important for the education authorities to ensure that students are not over burdened with the school curriculum and are able to devote sufficient time for the overall personality development. The kids also enjoyed playing in sand pits. Each of them had own special angle of enjoyment with no compulsion to conform to a pattern.

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