NewZNew (Zirakpur) : Spreading healthy life style is the prime focus of Ayurwin Pharma private limited. The roots of Ayurwin date back to Ancient year ayurvedic health care and herbal treatments. Under the guidance of Mr. Shiva kumar PB, Ayurwin has established a Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical GMP & FSSAI certified manufacturing plant at Peenya Bangalore. Ayurwin has established a strong trademark in PAN India for slimming, weight gain, health and fitness products. We produce products to restore ancient knowledge with high quality ingredients of natural extracts. Ayurwin blend technology and modern manufacturing techniques with the research and development for healthy products.

Mr. Shiva Kumar, MD, Ayurwin Pharma Private Limited said, “Our products address the common and intricate ailments for long term relief with no side effects. Integrating strong modern scientific research and natural solutions, our products provide necessary medicinal values. People across the world have benefited from these products, which are safe with no side effects. Our research team specializes in herbal medicinal solutions with required professional experience. Immense care is taken so that these formulations are safe & the raw materials are all quality control checked & approved prior production, to ensure that there are no side effects. The main aim of using the natural herbs in the products is to provide great health to human being with required energy with natural solutions.”

Ayurwins Nutrigain + powder & capsules are a pioneer in the field of healthy means of weight gain & strength. The Product has been studied for its efficacy & has been successfully proven for its results on:

  • Improving appetite naturally
  • Antioxidants support the weight increase healthily & naturally
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Usage of Nutrigain + powder & capsules make the journey of gaining weight interesting by making our customers – Relish the genuine bioavailable herbs in delicious chocolate taste & flavor.

Benefits of Nutrigain+ Powder & Capsules

  • Nutrigain plus is rich in antioxidants which facilitates Healthy means of weight gain
  • Nutrigain plus increases the natural release of Alpha – Amylase enzyme, which is responsible for setting right the metabolism & correcting the digestion
  • Nutrigain plus has also been proven in its studies to improve the better uptake of fat content of food by the intestine
  • Available in delicious chocolate flavor

Serving size: 25g of Nutrigain plus Powder with 200 ml of milk / serving

Customer has to intake it after the regular intake of his / her choice of breakfast and / or meal.

Nutrislim plus powder and capsules for slimming

1) Reduces cravings to eat repeatedly

2) Effective herbs to correct the fat metabolism

3) Corrects the cholesterol store in the body

4) Enjoy the genuine herbal taste & flavor

After success of Nutrigain+ Powder & Capsules and Nutrislim+ Powder & Capsules now Ayurwin is launching Nutrislim slimming flakes…

Nutrislim flakes is corn based slimming flakes. For the first time in india introducing corn flakes with slimming ingredient Garcinia. Garcinia is a worldwide well-known ingredient for Slimming. This is a Unique cornflakes with blend of Herbal extract with delicious Apple flavor, to make the journey of slimming more enjoyable

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Benefits of Nutrislim corn flakes

  • Nutrislim corn flakes is formulated to support for slimming
  • Helps in slimming effectively as a it is a calorie controlled diet
  • Available in delicious Apple Flavor
  • Nutrislim corn flakes is made from best quality corns that are roasted to perfect crunchy flakes
  • Nutrislim corn flakes can be an ideal low calorie breakfast to start your day
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals. Rich in iron and contains fiber
  • Helps to keep you hunger free for a longer time and avoids craving for unwanted food

           Serving size: 30g per serving

  • Calorie per serving: 30g serving of Nutrislim Corn Flakes gives 118 KCAL. Calories with 150 ml skimmed milk gives 161.5 kcal



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