Badshah creates anthem for aspiring influencers


Badshah creates anthem for aspiring influencers: Rapper-songwriter Badshah, who has been fending against a plagiarism row and fake follower scam charges this year, has made an attempt to spread some positivity by creating a tune for aspiring influencers.

Badshah creates anthem for aspiring influencers
Rapper Badshah.

Titled “Kar takatak, bann takatak”, talks of the “unimaginable talent” that people have revealed during lockdown.

“This time at home has brought out unimaginable talent in people -– some are cooking, others have found solace in fitness or dance, and many have picked up new hobbies,” Badshah said.

“This led me to think about how every Indian today can now be an influencer – all they need is a stage to showcase their art. ‘Kar takatak, bann takatak’ is an ode to all these performers who are trying to bring out an unexplored side of themselves, want to be known for their passion and encourages them to be unafraid of putting it out there for the world to see,” added Badshah, who has penned the anthem for short video app MX TakaTak