Bajirao Mastani 23rd Day Total Box Office Collection, Business or Income | Bajirao Mastani (2015) 4th Saturday Collection


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Bajirao Mastani 23rd Day Total Box Office Collection, Business or Income | Bajirao Mastani (2015) 4th Saturday Collection: Though a number of the film makers are currently concentrating on mature humors and sexual thrillers, Bollywood is observing regular plays and epics. Bajirao Mastani is the movie that’s having many positive things in the picture.


Bajirao Mastani movie continues to be running successfully in the movie as well as the theaters Bajirao Mastani has so many favorable things to discuss around. Bajirao mastani groups are also rather striking. The sets of the movie Bajirao Mastani will defeat on the sets of the movie Dilwale. Bajirao Mastani is getting great name all over for the experimental and nice area inside. Bajirao Mastani is going to the big league.

The national box office is being ruled by Bajirao Mastani in comparison with international. Dilwale film has an amazing answer in the international box office. In the global box office, 335 crores gathered and stood in the record of greatest Bollywood grosser.

It crossed Dilwale Tanu Weds Manu Returns, and Baahubali film. It had been signed as a romantic variety of Ranveer and Deepika Padukone as well as the noble. It demonstrated that content issues in the box office although not the stardom. Bajirao Mastani would gather Rs 3-5 crores box office set in the box office on the 23rd day.

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Bajirao Mastani 23rd Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Bajirao Mastani 1st Day Box Office Collection: 12.80 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 2nd Day Box Office Collection: 15.52 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 3rd Day Box Office Collection: 18.45 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 4th Day Box Office Collection: 10.25 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 5th Day Box Office Collection: 9.40 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 6th Day Box Office Collection: 9.21 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Box Office Collection: 10.52 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 8th Day Box Office Collection: 12.25 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 9th Day Box Office Collection: 10.30 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 10th Day Box Office Collection: 11.75 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 11th Day Box Office Collection: 5.60 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 12th Day Box Office Collection: 5.40 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 13th Day Box Office Collection: 5.05 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 14th Day Box Office Collection: 5.35 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 15th Day Box Office Collection: 7.50 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 16th Day Box Office Collection: 6 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 17th Day Box Office Collection: 7 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 18th Day Box Office Collection: 2.30 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 19th Day Box Office Collection: 2.20 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 20th Day Box Office Collection: 2.05 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 21st Day Box Office Collection: 2 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 22nd Day Box Office Collection: 3.5 Cr*
  • Bajirao Mastani 23rd Day Box Office Collection: 3.2 Cr*


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