Bapu Surat Singh’s Son-in-Law Satvinder Bhola murdered in USA


satvinder-bhola-250_1439827943NewZNew (Chicago) : Bapu Surat Singh’s Son-in-Law Satvinder Bhola murdered in Chicago in USA today. Sources told that an unidentified assailant attacked Bhola with some sharp edged weapon. Bhola was the husband of Mrs. Varinder Kaur , who had been camping in Punjab taking care of her father during his indefinite fast for long.

She only left for USA on August 02.2015.

According to sources, unidentified killers attacked Bhola, 52, with sharp-edged weapon in a parking lot near his house. Bhola was returning home from his gas station.

Khalsa’s son Ravinderjit Singh Gogi confirmed the incident. The family is in a state of shock. Gogi said Bhola was attacked around 1.40 am (US time).

He said the number of attackers was not known yet. Bhola was husband of Sarvinder Kaur, who was taking care of Khalsa when he was admitted to a hospital. She returned to the US a few days ago. A pall of gloom descended on Khalsa’s house at Hasanpur village in Ludhiana with people pouring in to offer their condolences.

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