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Best 3 Video Games to Learn English for Kids

Best 3 Video Games to Learn English for Kids: One of the most critical aspects of teaching English as a foreign language is to have amusement and engage in games. Games can spice up your class and ensure that your students leave your classroom with a desire to learn more, regardless of whether you’re teaching children or adults.

Best 3 Video Games to Learn English for KidsConceptualizing any language can be exhausting for parents, and children might also find it boring. When learning and enjoyment mix, the experience becomes more exciting for kids. Therefore, if you’re seeking ways to amuse your kids while also helping them learn English through language courses, we have some recommendations.

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In this article, we’ll discuss fun and exciting games you could have fun playing with your children in the process of learning to speak. Children of this generation aren’t a fan of traditional teaching methods, so parents may have to adopt new methods frequently.

Why Playing Video Games to Learn English is Better?

  • As opposed to videos or music, The game can be significantly affected by your choices.
  • Most video games are made with simulation in mind.
  • Gaming can be addictive since it makes you perform actions and gives you a reward or punishment, depending on your choice.
  • To develop a variety of responses and to practice using different languages, you can return to try the game again in an alternative manner.
  • Most modern video games, apart from some time-based games, let you play, explore, dive into and master new concepts at your speed.

Best Video Games to Learn English for Kids:

1.   Clifford: Make a Word:

There are four empty words in this easy puzzle game. You must drag five vowels in each word to complete the game. The goal is to make the most words and complete the list on the right side. The game will show you how to pronounce every word you make. Each time you pronounce an answer right, try repetition of the words as an excellent way to practice.

You can find it in the top right corner and then click it if you need to hear a pronunciation once more. Researching the definition of every word you’ve completed is essential to broadening your vocabulary. You can input the word into Google and click definition to get the definition right away, or you could use an online dictionary.

2.   Repeat After Me:

It’s a game of memory where you play the random sequence repeatedly, then repeat it, then repeat it. You must also click on the icon of Score that changes from white to gray in an instant, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen, to start the game.

The Score’s automatic change indicates your time to play from green to red. If you press the key once more, the Score’s color shifts from green to red, indicating that it’s not the time to start playing. The previous game is reversed. This game also adds a more casual key to the end.

3.   Bubbles:

You are given a specific time frame to write an accurate description of the image in this simple online game. There are many puzzles within one level. The number of word bubbles is reduced when you finish the correct sentences for each level.

You can pick the vocabulary category and various speed levels during the game. It is possible to play with food items, personal items, animals, sports jobs, nature, colors, alphabet, or body components. You will be provided hints to remember the terms you have studied via images. Because of their usage in a specific context, a sentence can aid in understanding certain words more clearly.

But if you aren’t sure of the meaning behind a word, note it down while playing the game, and then check it out when the game is completed. In terms of word meanings, people often depend on their intuition. However, it’s best to know the meanings immediately to avoid developing bad English practices. After that, you’ll get permission to repeat the entire sequence.


This list will help identify the game you like best to learn English more relaxingly since these games make learning more accessible and enjoyable without tension or difficulties. Your students will be entertained and involved in their studies through these games.

Keep in mind that they are merely some of the greatest. It is possible to begin customizing games as you become more comfortable in the classroom and develop your own. Your students will certainly enjoy engaging in English educational games within the classroom regardless of age.

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