Best Dining Experiences at Gourmet Nine, World Hotel Turquoise


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : It is often believed that the best dining experiences come from a combination of good food, exceptional service, and interaction. Gourmet Nine, at World Hotel Turquoise is going to offer you just that. While food, and service has always been their forte, the team that is hard at work behind some of the best food in the city brings to diners what no other restaurant has done – a dining interaction. Launching the timed menu concept in Chandigarh, Gourmet Nine offers to you food at your table in twelve minutes flat. So, after ordering the dish, a stop-watch is given to the diner, and if the dish is not presented at the table within twelve minutes, the customer is not billed for it!

The brain child of Aditya Prabhu, an F&B executive who has extensively worked pan-India, and abroad with over 25 years of experience, Gourmet Nine came into existence in October of 2013, and started off as a humble establishment in a modest, yet appealing setting in the Industrial Area. But exactly a year ago, Aditya, and his team went on to achieve bigger things by entering the luxury hotel space, at the Turquoise Hotel. A food theatre, Gourmet Nine serves nine different sub-types of the Indian, and Oriental cuisines. Concentrating on quality of food more than anything else, the raving reviews on Zomato are testament to what the team has to offer is nothing short of the best.

Besides launching the timed menu concept in the region, Gourmet Nine also introduces to the city a complete over-haul of its entire menu, which besides being well thought out, also maintains the essential classics that are loved by everyone. “Part of the reason why we decided to relaunch our menu was to celebrate our first anniversary at our new home. However, a bigger reason is our desire to give our guests an experience which is innovative, exciting, and fun,” explains Shiwani Tomar, co-owner of the establishment. Adds Aditya, “The fact that our kitchen can present scrumptious dishes really quickly is something I am proud of. We take quality of food very seriously, and the swift arrival of the dishes at the table in no way affects the taste, or even presentation.”

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For his personal recommendations, Aditya advises the Potato Cheese Wraps, Makai Dhaniye Ki Seekh, Karare Palak Ki Chat, Paneer Akuri, Calcutta Fish Fry, Turkish Fish Kebab, Margi Na Farcha, Burrah Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Yakni Shorba, Thai Veg Curry, Exotic Vegetables Tsinghoi, Chicken Sapo, Mangalore Fish Curry, and finally, the Lamb Hot Pot. Lastly, for desserts, Aditya thinks that the Coconut Dumplings, Caramel Custard, and White Chocolate Mousse Cake are the winners!

With an extensive menu all set to spoil the region for eons to come, Aditya, and his team are well prepared to provide the city what it’s been craving for a long time – a unique dining experience. So, what do you seem to be waiting for? Come, experience the best food, and an innovative way to dine, only at Gourmet Nine.


– Noodle Cradle (V)
Noodle basket filled with spicy Cottage Cheese,
Mushrooms, & Brocolli in Peanut Sauce
– Karare Palak Ki Chat (V)
A Gourmet Nine Specialty
– Saunde Aaloo (V)
Baby Potato marinated with Mustard, and Indian
spices; finished in the clay oven
– Grilled Cottage Cheese with Spicy Lemongrass (V)
Cottage Cheese chunks served in an in-house
spicy sauce
– Phuket Cottage Cheese (V)
Cottage Cheese fillets served with a fiery sauce
– Chicken Taipei
Crispy chicken tossed with Chilli oil & Onions

– Chicken with Cashew-Nuts
Diced Chicken flavored with Hoisin Chilli &
– Margi Na Farcha
A Parsee delicacy, Chicken fried to perfection
– Chapli Kebab
Lamb mince cooked to perfection on a griddle
– Burrah Kebab
Lamb Chops cooked to perfection
– Roast Lamb Chilli-Basil
Succulent Lamb finished to perfection with a Basil
& Chilli paste
– Kakori Kebab
Lamb mince marinated with Mace & Nutmeg,
finished to perfection in the clay oven
– Kalmi Kebab
Chicken Drumsticks marinated with Hung Curd &
Indian herbs, cooked to perfection in a clay oven
– Popcorn Chicken
Chicken marinated with Lime, Honey & Mustard,
spiced with Indian herbs, wrapped with
Cornflakes – deep fried to perfection
– Stuffed Mushrooms (V)
Cheesy Mushrooms cooked over the clay oven
– Potato Cheese Wraps (V)
Delicately flavored Potato with Parmesan, fried to perfection
– Vegetable Steak (V)
Crusty Vegetables served with an in-house tangy dip
 – Corn Baskets (V)
Golden fried baskets stuffed with exotic vegetables
and American Corn
– Buffalo Fries Salt-N-Pepper (V)
Potato wedges tossed to perfection
– Curried Veg Puffs (V)
Gourmet Nine Special
– Paneer Kali Mirch Ka Tikka (V)
Cottage Cheese flavored with Black Pepper, and
Cream; finished in the clay oven
– Makai Dhaniye Ki Seekh (V)
Corn, and Coriander mixture blended with robust
spices; finished in the clay oven
– Cheese Pakchoy Dumplings (V)
Translucent Dumplings steamed to perfection
– Cottage Cheese Hunan (V)
Fried Cottage Cheese cooked to perfection
– Crispy Wanton Chilli Vinegar (V)
Crispy fried Wonton laced with a fiery sauce
– Chilli Straw Potatoes (V)
Crispy fried Potato shreds tossed with Chilies &
– Paneer Akuri (V)
A Parsee delicacy – Cottage Cheese blended well
with Onions, Turmeric & Green Chilies, loaded
with Cashew-Nuts
– Eggplant Chips (V)
Crispy eggplant cooked with Indian herbs, served
with a Cocktail Sauce
– Calcutta Fish Fry
Fish Fillet marinated with Green Chilies &
Coriander, deep fried to perfection. Served with
– Omlette Thai Style
Eggs flavored with Soy, cooked golden brown &
served with French Fries
– Turkish Fish Kebab
Chunks of Fish marinated with roasted Cumin,
Mint, Coriander, & Lime. Finished in the clay
– Phuket Fish
Fillet of Fish delicately laced with a Soya flavored
fiery sauce
– Murg Malai Tikka
Morsels of Chicken marinated in rich Cream &
spices, cooked in the clay oven
– Three Flavored Chicken
Spicy, Sweet & Sour that the way it is
– Chicken Dumplings
Translucent bite sized dumplings

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– Assam Laksa (V)
Soup from Penang, with Noodles & Vegetables
flavored with Tamarind & Ginger

– Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba (V)
Tomato & Coriander thin Soup
– Lemon Coriander Soup (V)
Thick Soup cooked to perfection with Lime &
– Burnt Garlic Clear Soup (V)
Clear Soup flavored with Burnt Garlic
– Pho Chiru
Vietnamese-styled Mutton Soup flavored with Star
Anise, Basil & Coriander
– Madurassa
Indonesian Soup flavored with Ginger,
Lemongrass, Green Chillies & finished with
Coconut Milk, garnished with a Boiled Egg
– Yakni Shorba
Lamb Soup flavored with Indian spices


– Ullityiyal (V)
Shallots cooked with dry Red Chillies &
Tamarind. A Kerala Specialty

– Vegetable Chettinad (V)
Exotic Vegetables cooked with Fresh Tomatoes,
Black Pepper & robust spices. A Tamil Nadu
– Batate Song (V)
Potatoes cooked with whole Coriander, Onions &
dry Red Chillies. Finished with Coconut Milk

– Lasooni Methi Palak (V)
A Gourmet Nine Special
– Mirchi Ka Salan (V)
Green Peppers cooked with Indian spices in a rich
gravy. A Hyderabadi specialty
– Adraki Gobi Mutter (V)
Cauliflower & Potatoes cooked with fresh
Tomatoes & Ginger
– Kadai Vegetables (V)
Exotic vegetables sautéed with freshly pound
spices, whole Coriander & finished to perfection
on a slow fire
– Deghi Soola Murg
Chicken cooked on slow fire with Deghi Chillies
& fresh Tomatoes. A Rajasthani specialty
– Kachha Lonka Mutton
Lamb cooked with fresh Coriander, Green
Chillies. A West Bengal specialty
– Kosha Mangsho
Lamb cooked with Mustard Oil, Onions & fresh
spices on slow fire, a West Bengal specialty
 – Roast Lamb Hot Pot
Lamb marinated with Soya & fresh herbs, finished
with Mushroom, fresh Coriander & five spices
– Karvpillai Meen Curry
Fish cooked to perfection with Curry Leaves. A
Tamil Nadu specialty
– Murg Mussalam
Whole Chicken
– Raan Gourmet
Baby Lamb Leg
– Mangalore Fish Curry
A fiery Mangalorean delicacy

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– Thai Veg Curry (V)
Exotic vegetables cooked with Basil, Lemongrass
& Coconut Milk, served with steamed rice
– Exotic Vegetables Tsinghoi (V)
Vegetables flavored with Hoisin & dry Red
– Paneer in a Chosen Sauce (V)
Lababdar/Multani/Palak/Methi Malai/Zafrani
– Dal Gourmet Nine (V)
A Gourmet Nine specialty
– Moong Dal Desi Tadka (V)
A local specialty
– Chicken Sapo
Diced Chicken cooked in fiery Chilli sauce with
Hoisin & dry Red Chillies
– C.B.C.
Chandigarh Butter Chicken
– Dhaba Murg
Chicken flavored with Coriander, fresh Green
Chillies & Yellow Chilli


– Coconut Dumplings
 – Caramel Custard
 – White Chocolate Mousse Cake
 – Shahi Tukra
 – Filter Coffee


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