Bigg Boss 9 Episode 15 October 2015 Written Updates Captaincy Tasks New Captains Names Fights


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Bigg Boss 9 Episode 15 October 2015 Written Updates Captaincy Tasks New Captains Names Fights :- 4th Day of the Bigg Boss 9 house passed where the Phobia Tasks winners was announced and we also have seen how the news captains of the house has been elected through captaincy challenge also Mandana Karimi problems with the other housemates checkout full written details of BB9 Day 4.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 4 Written

Day 3

12:00 am

All are discussing where to sleep, Mandana says i dont wanna change bed, Suyyash says we are trying to adjust, if you dont wanna change then your choice but we are discussing like a family, Mandana says we are not family, we are here to play game, its problem of Vikas that he snores so he should do something about it, Suyyash says you are selfish, Kishwar says Mandana never understand anything, she is selfish, i came to her in Kitchen to hep her but she insulted me.

Rochelle says that Manadana have sweetest person Keith with him, dont do this with him, Keith takes Mandana aside and says i wanna talk to her. Keith says to Mandana that atleast try, whats your sister’s name? she says Meenakshi, Keith says if Meenakshi ask you help her so wont you do? Mandana says but she is mu family, Keith says Yuvika is sweet and she is suffering too, Vikas is feeling bad too, Mandana ask what should i do? Keith says i will you agreed to change bed.

Keith and Mandana comes to Yuvika, Mandana says to Yuvika that i am changing my bed only for you.

12:45 am

Keith says to Mandana that i am going to smoking room, he ask her to give him 2seconds, he goes inside, Mandana says this is not cool, i cant wait here, you are selfish to make me wait here, he comes out and says i do alot for you, you are grumpy with me, when you wanted to do yoga under sun, i came with you with fact that i didnt want it.

Rochelle comes to Mandana and ask her to sleep on other side of bed so that she can sleep beside Keith, Mandana doesnt move, rochelle says i feel sorry for you Keith, i have been supporting you whole day and you cant move a bed for me for one day, Keith says to Mandana that she was requesting you only, Mandana says she wasnt requesting me, you are my partner, Rochelle says your partner is my boyfriend, Keith hugs Rochelle, Rochelle cries, everyone consoles Rochelle, Mandana says to camera that i am target of everyone tonight.

Day 4

8:00 am

Aa dekha zara kis mein kitna hai dum plays, everyone dance.

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12:00 pm
Prince says to Rochelle that you become hyper, you do action first then think about it, then when you fee bad, you cry, dont think about Mandana, Rochelle says i am not understanding this Mandana, she is affecting me, personally i cant act, i told her that she can take all my things, accessories, make up, she ask if he has problem with Keith and her? Prince says i dont have any problem, she ask really? he says yes, they smile.

3:00 pm

Bigg boss has sent message to contestants that which team performed best in phobia task and which was best, bigg boss ask their decision, Rochelle says Aman and Kishwar performed best while Suyyash and Rimi were worst, Bigg boss says Aman and Kishwar are first contender of becoming captain, Suyyash and rimi will be out of race of captaincy, Suyyash consoles Rimi, bigg boss ask them to decide one more pair who will compete to become captain, all vote for other pair.

3:30 pm

Suyyash says to Rimi that Kishwar never say anything to Aman, he keep dragging her, Rimi says what can she say, she is tied to him, she can strain her relationship, Suyyash says i am not saying that she should say no to everything, i knew they will get vote for best pair, but atleast she should take stand for herself, Rimi says dont be angry, Suyyash says i am not angry but i have hatred for Aman and if you start disliking person then you cant like them again, he is senior to me so i respect him but we both are contestants here, i dont like fakeness one percent, if my girlfriend wasnt with him then he wouldnt matter to me, he is a loser.

Keith and Rochelle are sitting in washroom area, Keith kisses her hands and says you hit me where it hurts me most, Rochelle hugs him, Prince ask Rochelle shall we leave? Rochelle says no, Prince smiles, Keith says he is very patient guy, Keith says to Prince that we 4 should not fight, we should support each other, i was thinking what is happening when Mandana and Rochelle had fight.

Bigg boss ask contestants who have chosen as other contender for captaincy, they say Vikas and Yuvika. bigg boss says that competition is that both the pairs have to stand in four different positions of Yoga, the pair who will stand in certain position for much time will be winner, the pair which will stand in four positions for more time will be winner, other contestants can disturb the pair which they dont want to make captain, Aman-Kishwar, Vikas-Yuvika stand in first position, Kishwar moves back and says Aman is pushing on my elbow, i cant do this, i give up.

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Aman says atleast try 2nd position, Kishwar says i cant, if i could, i would have done it, Aman says ok fine, he hugs her, they give up, bigg boss says Vikas and Yuvika are winner. VIKAS YUVIKA BECOME CAPTAIN, they are saved from nominations too due to immunity, Yuvika jokes that i cant believe.
Kishwar is crying feeling guilty, prince and Suyyash says Aman was forcing pressure on Kishwar thats why she couldnt do it.

Roopal and Digangana reads that they would have got 14 minutes to buy luxury budget but contestants did mistakes in phobia task like Roopal and Digangana were not touching whole face with belly in task, Aman left the mouth organ in middle of task, Arvind tried to burst balloon with hands, also they are breaking rules of house like Keith and Mandana talk in english, they take off their mikes, Prince and Suyyash talk in punjabi, they should not do it and as punishment their luxury budget task time is decreased to 10minutes. luxury budget task is that one contestant will become dog, and other will be his owner, there is path made in garden, dog will move along the path and have to collect bones which are placed along the track, owner will guide him as dog’s eyes will be blindfolded, Prince and Rochelle will do this task.

Prince and Rochelle discusses how to do the communication in the task, buzzer plays, Prince eyes are blindfolded, he sit like dog and starts collecting bones from path, Rochelle moves with him and guides him, he strikes with different objects during task and collects bones too, buzzer plays, their time is done, all clap for Rochelle and Prince, Vikas says you both did superb act, they read the food written on bones which they got like Rajma, oats etc.

Keith says Rochelle and Prince have done great work in task, Rochelle is sad, she says to Keith that prince was saying i was not doing right in task, Keith says you dont have to get affected with all these things, Keith says Prince is child, he doesnt have maturity, he comes from small town, he doesnt have capability, give him some space.

10:00 pm

Rochelle comes in washroom to take Prince’s mike, she is miffed, Keith tries to hug her but she says dont do anything, she jerks, she says sorry and leaves, Ketih says to Vikas that i am okay, Prince becomes passionate, he becomes excited to do tasks but Rochelle needs support, she is like to give her confidence, Yuvkia says thats why she as asking Prince to discuss how they will communicate in task.

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11:00 pm

Mandana and Keith are in washroom, Mandana says i wont go out, there are mosquitoes, i have got rashes, Keith says to Mandana that i do alot of things for you which i dont want to but i do it for you, Mandana ask example? Keith says like you have to wash face, you want things etc, Mandana says thats just an example, Mandana says what about your girlfriend? your girlfriend keep dragging you like a servant, she ask you to bring apple for her and different stuff, Keith says if you think i am imbalanced then dont do anything.

2:15 am

Mandana says to Ankit that Keith is getting impatient, i understand that they are girlfriend boyfriend but why i should be dragged, she says she is confused if she is doing right or is this bigg boss’s game? Ankit says this is Keith and Rochelle’s game.

Mandana talks to Keith in washroom, she says that your girlfriend think that i am her servant, she keep saying to you that baby come here, baby kiss me etc, how much this is going to happen, i am irritated, i have rashes on my neck but after all of this you ask me to come outside so that you can smoke cigarette, Keith says then we wil start counting how much i do for you and how much you do for me, i dont have problem to do anything for you.

Mandana says i dont have problem with this belt till your girlfriend is not in frame, like your gf were feeling itchy so we came in washroom, took toothpaste for her and took it for her, your gf is not smart as Kishwar, till how much i have to bear? Keith says you can simply tell me when i am with Rochelle finish talking or anything, you can give me hint when you start getting uncomfortable, Mandana says you guys dont have to create family here, its just about 3months, i dont want this gf bf thing, Keith says thats not an issue, Mandana says i am tied to you, you girlfriend is not smart, her mind is twisted.

BB9 Day 5 PRECAP – Bigg Boss says to contestant that he is giving them chance to exchange their partners. Vikas and Yuvika are listening everyone’s case individually for partner exchange. Kishwar says to them that i wanna change my partner Aman. Aman comes and says she has said clearly that she wanna replace me. Mandana comes and says i am fine with Keith. Keith on other hand wants to change partner.

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