Billions Season 5 Episode 12 Review Release Date Spoiler Recap Where To Watch!


Billions Season 5 Episode 12 Review Release Date Spoiler Recap Where To Watch!: One of the fascinating and popular web shows of the US television network named Billions has returned back with the new episode of its fifth season.

Billions Season 5 Episode 12 Review Release Date Spoiler Recap Where To Watch

The web show has kept interested in its franchise for a long period of time as the show’s content and plots have spread the craziness among the viewers and with that viewers every time desperate for its upcoming volumes. Now for all the Billions show lovers, the makers of the show are all set to release the season 5th episode 12th very soon. So get ready for the power booster series.

Curious to know each update of the show then stick with us and read the complete article.

As per the information gathered the on-demanding and thrilling web show named Billions Episode 12th of the season 5th will be released on Sunday, October 3rd,2021 at 9 pm on Showtime. Episode 12 will be the final episode of season 5th of the show but don’t worry the season 6th of the show will be very soon released.

Billion Season 5th Episode 12th Plots

As per the teaser’s trailer, it shows that there will be a clashing battle between Axe and Mike Prince which will be emerging with the former at the backs of the bars. While Mike enjoys his victory celebration over Axe and with that he suggests that Axe and his fellows have something in their minds to do on Mike’s Parade. However, Mike’s daughters named Liz and Gail will continue to finds the matter.

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Billion Season 5th Episode 11th Spoilers

Talks about the previous volume then Axe is still trying hard to make some hard money for the bank named Axe Bank while in confine due to covid pandemic. Meanwhile, Mike Prince starts to train his daughters for the interview of Fine Young Cannibis as a major patron for the Hypercube.

While Axe got to know Mike’s interest in Fine Young Cannibis but despite that, the CEO of Cannabis named Dawn Winslow were got amazed by the Prince’s daughters. With that Axe proffer 3% of interest and his country’s residence to Winslow for the Cannibis deal in return. And with that, the episode all sum up with Mike disclosure to his daughters that this was all set only to send Axe to Prison.


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