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BJP murdering democracy in Chandigarh

BJP murdering democracy in Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress leaders of Chandigarh criticized the Bhartiya Janata party for their undemocratic attempts to postpone Chandigarh Mayoral elections and said that BJP’s defeat is certain but they are not ready to face the truth.

BJP murdering democracy in Chandigarh

In a joint press conference by the leaders of both parties on Friday, AAP Chandigarh incharge Dr Sunny Ahluwalia said that BJP is murdering democracy in Chandigarh. He was joined by Harmohinder singh lucky (Congress president), Gurbax Rawat (Congress MC) and Damanpreet Singh Badal (AAP MC) for this press conference.

Addressing the media Dr Ahluwalia said that election was scheduled for January 18th by the Deputy Commissioner but when our councilors reached the building they were informed that no election was taking place. Just because Bharatiya Janata Party knew that now when the AAP and Congress are fighting these elections together the BJP have no chance at the Mayor’s office, so they did everything in their power, even unethical and undemocratic tricks, to postpone the election.

Alhuwalia said that the election was announced on January 10th, till 13th all the nominations by the AAP, BJP and Congress candidates were filed, then we (AAP and Congress leaders) had a meeting and decided to fight this election together. On January 15th, we decided to withdraw the nomination of Congress’s mayor candidate and AAP’s senior deputy mayor and deputy mayor candidates. So, we reached the secretary’s office who was not present at his office. He told us to leave withdrawal requests with his staff. We had to approach the High Court to have our withdrawals and passes. It was the BJP people who said that these withdrawals will not be accepted because the Secretary himself was not present.

On the night of the 15th a notice came that Mr. Sodhi (presiding officer) has been transferred due to his health issues. Another officer was deployed but that officer never even attended our calls for the passes for the election. BJP was so scared after seeing AAP and Congress together and the returning officer who was appointed on the 18th also fell ill and they postponed the election. Dr Ahluwalia said that if an election is postponed just because the BJP is losing the election so the officers are falling sick then this is the biggest threat to our democracy.

Addressing the media Congress leader H.S Lucky said that the BJP is writing black history in Chandigarh mayoral elections. He added that he has never witnessed any party going to such lengths that there was a case of habeas corpus just because they are no longer in position to form a mayor. The kind of tactics they are adopting, like from illness of officers to taking away counselors where we have to move to the High Court again and again, is proof that BJP is very scared and they can’t stomach the thought of losing the election. It is going to be their first defeat at the hands of the INDIA alliance.

He added that he considered the January 18th, when the election was cancelled, as the darkest day in the history of Chandigarh MC. Even now, if there is some shame left among the BJP leaders, they will let fair elections be held and let a new mayor be elected. While government is necessary in a democracy, good opposition is also necessary in a democracy, so the BJP has failed Chandigarh as the ruling party, maybe this time they should take responsibility as the opposition.

AAP leader of opposition Damanpreet Singh said that the BJP is scared of the AAP and the INDIA alliance so they are running away from the Chandigarh Mayor elections. Yesterday on the 18th, when our councilors gathered for the election, they were locked outside. I have never seen democracy being murdered like that before.

He added that the Bhartiya Janata Party and the Chandigarh administration, who together are trying to stop this election , will not succeed in stopping us.


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