Bombay High Court lifts ban on Maggi, orders fresh tests


NewZNew (Mumbai) : The Bombay High Court on Thursday lifted the ban on Nestle’s flagship instant noodle brand Maggi and called for fresh tests within six weeks to again check if it complies with the country’s food safety norms.


The relief came following a petition filed by Nestle India, challenging the withdeawal and recall order of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The food satefy watchdog had passed its orders on June 5, following which Nestle had withdrawn Maggi from the market. A similar order was also passed on Maggi’s oats variant.

The food safety regulator said tests conducted on a batch of Maggi was found to contain more-than-permissible levels of lead and high quantities of mono-sodium glutamate.

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