Britney Spears On The Stage Of Best Time Ever Video Details


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The international pop star Britney Spears is to be in the show “Best Time Ever” with Neil Patrick Harris; Pranks Security Guards. The news is making headlines and receiving huge buzz in fact it gone viral. The team mates are saying about the appearance of her which is a prank – “It’s Britney, bitch”.

Britney Spears On The Stage Of Best Time Ever Video Details

Britney Spears On The Stage Of Best Time Ever Video

Just suppose if first time in your life you see the glimpses of her it would be for none other than your job interview what will happen!!!

The international pop singer is going to interview some security guards on the imminent show on Tuesday night at the prime time. It will be scripted and the anchor will be namely Joe Jonas will direct her for the show. She will be directed to fake that she has a massive ego of being a top luminary.

Eventually she will be introduced herself as the “one and only Britney spears”.

She will be seen very egoistic person throughout the show. The ‘Slave 4 U’ singer even holds out her hands and told to have it kissed. Even before the starting of the conversation she will be asked one man to change his seat.

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Isn’t that a something very bad first impression?

Anyway, the boys Harris and Joe Jonas laugh nervously like naughty school boys behind the scenes on each and every prank. The boys show enthusiastic stuffs with fans on the twitter.

The teaser is going viral on the social site including face book and twitter. Just catch the show to witness something amazing.


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