Café Jade – the Chinese Chatkhara ! @ Chandigarh


Cafe-JadeNewZNew (Chandigarh) : Jade Cafe, the cute “delivery” and “take away” model food joint in Sector 38, has turned the only food cafe offering genuine Sugar-free (for diabetics), Gluten-free (for those allergic to wheat), Nut-free (for those allergic to almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.), and Dairy-free (for those allergic to milk and milk products) in authentic Chinese and Thai foods. There is also an entire section for Low-calorie Chinese and Thai foods.


Located in a neglected part of Chandigarh, the itsy-bitsy Chinese food parlour, Café Jade, has been quite popular with the city’s residents. Infact, Café Jade has become a favourite with foodies due to its quality, tasty food and use of technology. And not just from Chandigarh, but people from Panchkula, Mohali and Zirakpur, and sometimes even from Dera Bassi, Kharar, Ropar and Pinjore-Kalka drive up to it to enjoy its special sauces and salads served with its Chinese & Thai food.

Deceptively Small : Café Jade operates on the “delco” model. “Delco” is the term prevalent in the food industry to describe a restaurant that operates on a “delivery” and a “take-away” model. Most patrons typically order their food, which is promptly delivered at their place or they drive up to Café Jade and the delicacies are served in their cars. Many a times, customers themselves pick up their food from Café Jade. That’s why Café Jade wouldn’t appear popular to a casual observer. But the deceptively small food joint Café Jade has become a favourite with foodies due to its focus and use of modern technology for recipe, delivery, packaging and cleanliness. The recipe for every food item has been perfected through repeated trials to find the most acceptable taste. To ensure that the staff is honed into the standard technique for preparing such recipes, each cook has been specifically trained.

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Tasty Bites : Of course, not just Chinese noodles but various other Chinese food items are immensely popular in India. But there’s something special about the sauces and salads at Café Jade that draws in patrons from far and wide to savour their tastes. Apart from the tasty Chinese food, Café Jade’s Thai offerings are no less enticing and attract sizeable clientele who visit it specially for Thai cuisine. Café Jade is famous for creating new recipes and new flavours. The demand for Café Jade’s Mini Meal, Combo and MealBox is especially high because it offers great value for money. Café Jade’s gravies and sauces are its exclusive specialties and are renowned for their tasty flavours.

Quality, Quantity, Taste & Hygiene : Café Jade is committed to offering the best quality of food to its customers. Towards this end, every food ingredient is carefully chosen and especial attention give to its quality. A second commitment is towards offering wholesome quantities to its patrons. Every recipe at Café Jade is authentic Chinese and has a unique taste. Another key focus of Café Jade is its commitment towards cleanliness and hygiene. Every day Café Jade is cleaned in a manner akin to worship, to ensure that its serves the healthiest food. “Coming together of Quality, Quantity, Taste & Hygiene is the most unique feature of Café Jade that makes it an exceptional food joint,” says Vimal Kumar Thapa, Executive Chef & Chief of Operations, Café Jade.

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Tech-enabled : Café Jade makes optimum use of state-of-the-art technology. For instance, soon as a patron’s order is ready he or she is informed of it through an SMS, which also mentions the bill amount, the delivery boy’s name and phone number. Café Jade has also tied up with Zomato, Foodpanda, Fingerfry, Bistro and Jugnoo which provide you with various platforms to post your reviews of the food at Café Jade, offer your suggestions, place orders online using debit or credit cards, or pay by cash on delivery. You can also view its entire menu as also find out its special offers for patrons at its website, www.Café, and on its Facebook page,éJadeOriginal.


There’s More! : Café Jade’s specialties don’t end here. Many Indians have different food requirements because they are diabetic or are allergic to some food ingredients or wish to restrict their intake of calories. But whether you have high sugar or an allergy, or merely because you want fewer calories, why should you be deprived of good taste? As a result, Café Jade’s menu includes recipes that are Sugar-free (for diabetics), Gluten-free (for those allergic to wheat), Nut-free (for those allergic to almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.), and Dairy-free (for those allergic to milk and milk products). There is an entire section for Low-calorie Chinese and Thai foods. Café Jade is the FIRST and the ONLY Chinese food joint in India that offers Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Nut-free and Low-calorie Chinese and Thai food items. That’s why, Café Jade has become a huge success with patrons as it brings together a charming culinary experience with warm and customer-friendly efficient service.

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