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Camila Cabello’s Cinderella Is Ready To Premiere on Amazon Prime

Camila Cabello’s Cinderella Is Ready To Premiere on Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime Video has recently teased the audience for its upcoming movie, Cinderella and it blew on the internet. With the new teaser video, fans are just thinking about it.

Camila Cabello’s Cinderella Is Ready To Premiere on Amazon Prime

Like the old cinderella who ran in the ball party against her evil mom and sister’s wish, we are not over with the old tradition. 

There are already many adaptations of the old classic movie but this time something is different. The new Cinderella movie cast the popular pop artist with a grammy nomination, Camila Cabello.

The popular singer is coming as a Cinderella and her fans can’t even hold their excitement. Amazon Prime Video has officially released the first look of the move and it seems amazing. But is there anything you need to know? 

In this article, We’ll be sharing every single detail about the upcoming movie with you in detail. If you are someone who is a big fan of Camila and also obsessed with princess movies then this is for you. Read this article till the end and know everything about it in detail. 

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Cinderella: Amazon Prime Exclusive Movie


We all have been familiar with the Cinderella movie and every other Disney Princess movie since our childhood. We all were crazy over the movies and their fairytale themes. With the same obsession, the director of the new movie decided to adopt the same theme and turned it into a movie. 

Camila Cabello is reported to be cast as the main character of the story and the teaser video has already said, “Camila Cabello is Cinderella”. Initially, Sony Pictures have decided to produce the movie under their name but recently, Deadline has reported that Amazon Prime Video has been in charge of the movie.

In the first look video, we have seen Billy porter and Indina Mezel in the supporting role. The new take on the popular fairytale story is a long-awaited show for the audience since the work was already started a year ago. 

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Cinderella: When is it going to be released?


As soon as the teaser video popped up, the fans started questioning the movie and its possible release date. Amazon prime has been working on this movie for more than a year and now it’s finally here. 

The continuous question about its release date is still going on and there is no solid proof for the confirmed date. The official has not yet revealed the release date of this movie but it’s going to happen soon. As the teaser video is already out and that indicates that the movie is already completed filming, it can happen anytime soon. 

With no confirmation on the release date, fans are looking forward to the official update and so we are. As soon as we get any confirmed news, I’ll let you know. Bookmark this page to get the recent updates for this movie.

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Cinderella: What is it about?

As the movie is already going to be released, I am wondering what it looks like. The show developers have stated that the movie will look like an adaptation of the original Cinderella movie. There is nothing officially announced for this movie’s plot but we have several theories for you. 

While many people are wondering about the plot, some are not sure whether it will match with the original movie or not. I am pretty sure that the movie will not be the same as the movie because then the excitement will not remain the same. 

According to the report, the upcoming fairytale movie will have a classic story with a modern pinch of salt. In the official trailer, the audience has come to know that Cinderella is playing the modern girl, who is pursuing her fashion designer degree. She has a dream of opening her own boutique. She has even thought of the name of her own boutique, ”Dresses by Ella”. 

In the official  “Wake up to the dreamy real-life princess @camila_cabello in and as Cinderella. Here’s your first look at this reimagined fairy tale classic. Watch Cinderella, this Sept 3 (sic),”

Cinderella: First Look for the Movie

If you have still not watched the first look for the movie, then here it is. Click the video below and watch the full official teaser of Cinderella. The audience has loved the first look and the #Cinderella started trending on Twitter. The most anticipated teaser video finally dropped out and now we are waiting for the official trailer. 

In the video, we have seen our singer Camila in the official video trailer along with fellow stars. 

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