Car sharing gains momentum with Myles


As India moves away from public and non-motorized modes towards personal motorized modes, Myles creates a paradigm shift by making self-drive more accessible and affordable.

Ms.-Sakshi-Vij---Founder-&-CEO,-Myles-(a-product-by-CIPL).NewZNew (Chandigarh) : MYLES a car sharing service allows everyone to have a car without the burden of owning one, without the burden of monthly installments, insurance, or maintenance.

The largest network of self-drive service, MYLES is the pioneer to introduce the concept of car-sharing in India and is present in 21 cities with a fleet of 1000 plus cars. Myles is also the fastest growing self-drive brand in its category is witnessing a growth rate of 70% adding 5000 news users month-on-month. There is also a significant shift in consumer behavior with customers looking beyond self-drive for weekend travel with more than 50% of customers now using self-drive on weekdays. This is again borne out by the hourly bookings having more than tripled and now account for almost double its share among hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Consumers who earlier were deterred from driving their dream car because of high pre-authorization charges now have the easy access to drive the car of their choice.  The pre-authorization/security deposit has been slashed to INR 5,000 for most of the cars models. Customers can now book Myles cars easily through both credit and debit cards. Additionally the hourly rates have been reduced to an attractive starting pricing point of just INR 37/ hour.

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Keeping in mind the consumer need and preference MYLES offers the widest range of cars. An electronic car to a fully automatic car, from an SUV to a high end luxury car, one can choose from 34 different car models.


Announcing this decision, Ms. Sakshi Vij, Founder & CEO, Mylessaid, “Being a consumer-centric company, we want to make the processes as simple as possible for our customers. This festive season, we want our customers to plan their trips without any stress of car affordability by offering self-drive cars at prices as low as INR 37/ hour and pre authorization charges at merely INR 5000/- for most cars.  If you rent a car as per your need, Myles anyways promises that you can save anywhere between 20-40% of your yearly cost of owning a car and this further reduction will only add onto your savings. We believe that everyone should have an access to a car at any given time without any worries of owning a car and initiatives like these empower our customers and motivate them to use our services frequently.”


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