Causes and Coping Mechanisms of Pregnancy Mood Swings


Pregnancy Mood Swings is a life-changing experience. Your body and mind will be going through major changes, some of these changes may have a beautiful side and the other will take a toll on both your body and emotions.

pregnancy mood swings

Occasionally, during pregnancy you may experience extreme mood swings. One minute you may be laughing, only to become irritable and weepy for no reason the next. If you are having symptoms of hormonal mood swings, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

It is only natural to get excited about motherhood and at the same time feel overwhelmed, stressed and worried. The best way to prepare for all of the emotional changes that come with pregnancy is to understand the causes of pregnancy mood swings and how to cope with expected mood swings.

Causes of Pregnancy Mood Swings

The emotional upheaval you are constantly experiencing in your pregnancy is often blamed on physical stress, fatigue and changes in metabolism. However, the major culprit for the seesawing moods during pregnancy are your hormones. After conception, your body is suddenly flooded with pregnancy hormones (estrogen and progesterone). This dramatic hormonal imbalance greatly affects the chemistry between your moods and your mind.

Apart from the hormonal imbalance, transitioning from not being pregnant to being pregnant can cause you to experience serious mood changes. For example, you will become more likely to experience extreme shifts in your emotions if you happen to get pregnant at a time when you have financial constraints, job instability, or relationship difficulties.

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Bodily distress because of not accepting the changes in your body as a result of being pregnant may also cause mood changes throughout your pregnancy. Physical discomfort will cause you to be fatigued as you may have trouble getting enough sleep.

Your partner’s reaction to your pregnancy can also greatly affect your emotions and moods. If he is not being supportive or is mourning the loss of the exclusive relationship he had with you and is jealous of your baby, remaining upbeat throughout the pregnancy will become quite hard.

If you are single, the mood shifts may be more extreme as you may be stressed about how to raise your baby alone causing you to feel isolated.

Coping Mechanisms for Pregnancy Emotions and Mood Swings

  1. Talk about it. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Talking about your feelings is one of the best antidotes of all time. If you feel stressed, talk about those feelings with your partner, family or friends. It may surprise you how supportive and understanding they will be. Alternatively, you could seek advice from other moms-to-be who can relate to what you are dealing with.
  2. Ask for help. Most moms want to get everything done before the baby is born. However, being pregnant is already difficult enough. In a bid to have everything done within a certain time frame you may get stressed, more so if you do it alone. To avoid this, feel free to lean on your partner, family or friends for help; this will make the whole baby preparation process easier.
  3. Get enough sleep. If you are tired, it will be almost impossible to manage your moods. Therefore, it will be important that you get enough sleep. In case you don’t get enough sleep during the night, be sure to take some short naps whenever possible throughout the day. You can also try investing in some of the best breast pumps to do the hard work for you. This way you can have more time to focus on yourself during feeding. If you go to work, consider having a talk with your boss to see if it possible for you to take a few more breaks. If your delivery date is almost due, you could also take your maternity leave earlier than the planned date. This will help you get some good rest before your baby is born.
  4. Have some time to bond with your partner. Your partner will be the most affected by your mood shifts; probably because he loves you and makes you feel free to express your feelings which are sometimes not so nice (anger, frustration etc.) For this reason, it is advisable that you constantly reassure him by letting him know that you cherish him. Such a move will make certain that he doesn’t take things to heart thus easing any tension that may exist between you. Spending quality time together will help you bond before your little one arrives. Also, your partner will have a chance to talk to you about his worries about becoming a dad. Such conversations will get your mind off the troubles you are dealing with and help you get closer to your partner.
  5. Join a support group. If you are single and feel isolated, it is about time you joined a support group. Alternatively, you could join a prenatal class. Even if you do not have a partner, you don’t have to isolate yourself, ask a close relative or friend who would be willing, to offer you the support you will need before, during and after your pregnancy journey. If you can afford to hire someone, you could seek the services of a professional doula. Doulas are women who have been trained to provide you with all the care you will need throughout your pregnancy – pre-natal care, labor and post-natal care.
  6. Take care of your health. While your mind will be going through mental changes, it will still be important to take care of your body to the best of your ability. Having poor health will put a strain on your emotions. The best thing you can do for your mind is to take care of your body well after pregnancy. Remember to add vital nutrients to your diet so both you and your baby can reap the benefits of your health.
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