Chandigarh becomes the New IIT-JEE-achievers hub


newznew (Chandigarh) : Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh students repeated history for the institute as Rachit Bansal AIR-9, Himanshu Sheoran AIR-59, Saksham Dhull AIR-66, Sudhanshu Bansal AIR-155, Ujjwal Gauri AIR-180, Rishav Goyal AIR-201, Tanishq Gupta AIR-238, Saksham Jain AIR-296,  Vishal Garg AIR-347, Shamin Aggarwal AIR-369, Shivam Bansal AIR-451, Rhythm Singla AIR-480, Akhilesh Chauhan AIR-635, Raghav Gupta AIR-679, ARCHIT NANDA AIR-724, Sparsh Kaoshik AIR-743, Gaurav Kumar AIR-895, Kanav Gupta AIR-939, Smile Bhateja AIR-1098, Sudhanshu AIR-1555, in JEE Advance 2017 became the Tricity toppers in JEE Advance 2017. Allen Career Institute has produced 25 selections in the top 100 All India Ranks in JEE Advance 2017 from all its centers based on the results compiled so far.

Allen Career Institute, IIT JEE

Rachit Bansal AIR-9 in JEE Advance 2017 has also cleared Stage-2 of InCho (International Chemistry Olympiad), InPho (International Physics Olympiad), International Astronomy Olympiad, cleared KVPY, NTSE and selected twice in OCSE.

Allen Chandigarh has the distinction of producing maximum number of selection in JEE Advance 2017 from Chandigarh City. Almost every Second student of Allen who appeared in JEE Advance 2017 from Chandigarh City has qualified for IIT. Allen Chandigarh Centre has produced the largest number of selection in JEE Advance 2017 from any single institute in Chandigarh.

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Allen Career Institute, IIT JEE

The Centre Head of ALLEN, Mr. Pushkar Rai, who is also an expert in Chemistry and was the mentor of Rachit Bansal while he studied in the institute, revealed that Rachit was a very sincere and obedient student who diligently followed all the instructions given to him in letter and spirit. He was a keen observer and has tremendous interest in conceptual thinking, never wanting to indulge in rote learning. Even in the most archetypical situations, he prefers rational thinking over mugging up and this was his key to success.


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