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Chandigarh Mayor Election: Supreme Court’s decision is the victory for democracy – AAP

Chandigarh Mayor Election: Supreme Court’s decision is the victory for democracy – AAP : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision on the Chandigarh Mayor election’s case. The party thanked the Supreme Court for giving this historic decision declaring its candidate Kuldeep Kumar as Mayor and said that this decision has truly marked the victory of democracy.

Chandigarh Mayor Election: Supreme Court's decision is the victory for democracy - AAP

On Tuesday, AAP Chandigarh co-in-charge Dr Sunny Ahluwalia held a joint press conference with Chandigarh Congress President HS Lucky and new AAP Mayor Kuldeep Kumar at the Chandigarh party headquarters.

Addressing the media, Dr. Ahluwalia said that the Bharatiya Janata Party tried every trick to make their mayor in Chandigarh. They tried every trick in their book, but the Supreme Court thwarted their evil intentions.

He said that the BJP did not even want the mayor’s election because they knew that Congress and Aam Aadmi Party had 20 councilors and they had only 15. After many obstacles the election was finally scheduled for  the 18th January. Then just before the election their presiding officer fell ill and the election was postponed indefinitely.

Then we had to go to the High Court for the election. The High Court fixed the 30th January as election date, but the BJP had hatched a conspiracy to rig the elections.  Anil Masih, the presiding officer appointed by BJP, deliberately cancelled our eight votes and declared the BJP’s mayor candidate victorious. But today the Supreme Court has done justice. This decision of the court is going to strengthen our democracy.

Ahluwalia accused former BJP mayor Asha Jaiswal of horse trading.* He said that Asha Jaiswal tried to buy our councilor Damanpreet Singh.  Ahluwalia also showed the media the video in which Asha Jaiswal was giving financial inducement to Damanpreet to join the BJP.  Ahluwalia said that Asha Jaiswal also got her son to talk to Damanpreet Singh and said that she will fix his meeting with the national level leader of BJP. Today the Supreme Court proved that the truth always prevails – Congress Chandigarh President HS Lucky

Addressing the media, Congress Chandigarh President HS Lucky also thanked the Supreme Court and said that today the Supreme Court has proved that the truth always prevails. Today democracy has won. He said that together with the Aam Aadmi Party, we fought against the rigging in the Mayor elections on every front. Today our struggle has been successful. He said that the decision of the Supreme Court has brought happiness to all the Indians living in the country and abroad who believe in democracy.


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