Chef Ranveer Brar unveils Philips Healthy Recipe Book


PhilipsNewZNew (Chandigarh) : Philips India, the brand which has time and again powered Indian kitchens with innovative gadgets, introduced its ‘Healthy living Portfolio’which includes products like AirFryer, SoupMaker&PreClean Juicer in Punjab, these cooking innovations are meant to optimize the daily routine of cooking and making tasty food while maintaining nutrition in the food. Along with this, Philips Kitchen Appliances brand ambassador celeb chef RanveerBrar also introduced Philips Healthy Recipe book, consisting of healthy recipes which can be cooked using Philips ‘Healthy Living Portfolio. These recipes are developed by Chef RanveerBrar himself… As the citizens of the state are gearing up for the upcoming festive season, these meaningful kitchen innovations by Philips will make guilt free indulgence in food possible.

Mr. Manik Mahajan, Marketing Manager -Kitchen Appliances, Philips India said, “Philips is the pioneer in recognizing the need for appliances which enable healthy cooking without compromising on the flavour of food. Hence, products likeAirFryer, PreClean Juicer, &SoupMaker which help ensure all your meals taste great, and are also healthy. Chandigarh is an important market for Philips Kitchen Appliances as the food culture is evolved and with progressing lifestyles, citizens are receptive to technologically advanced products that can make their routines simpler. We are also very excited to introduce the Philips Healthy Recipe book, curated by our brand ambassador RanveerBrar, whichwill help you whip up a variety of delightful healthy mealsall of which can be cooked using Philips ‘Healthy Living Portfolio’.”

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Famous for representing Indian food across the globe, Mr. RanveerBrar, Celeb Chef andBrand Ambassador, Philips Kitchen Appliances said, “Chandigarhhas one of the most interesting food cultures I have experienced! I am happy to be associated with Philips ‘Healthy Living Portfolio’ which can make scrumptious food a part of your routine while keeping your health and food nutrition in check.I’ve always believed that eating healthy is essential in this day and age, to keep up with the hectic life all of us lead; therefore my focus has remained on creating delectable treats which are not compromised on nutrition. No festive season is complete without relishing delicious foods, so bring these kitchen wonders to your home as the season of fried foods and sweets knocks… anddo try the recipes developed by me for the Philips Healthy Recipe book.”

In India, the festivities don’t just end at guilt free indulging in your favourite savouries, the festive season is the time of the year when we revamp our homes, buy gifts for friends and family. Be it Durga Puja, Dusshera, Diwali or even weddings, there are plenty of offerings in the market, which makes it a daunting task to pick new and innovative or a value-for-money product. With Philips India’s most innovative offerings, the task becomes a lot easier. Philips Kitchen Appliances range makes cooking a more pleasurable routine while offering food that is tasty and healthy.And they are also the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

  • Philips AirFryer: It is a versatile, revolutionary product, pioneered by Philips, powered with Rapid Air technology which makes great tasting fried, baked and grilled food with up to 80% less oil. The innovative appliance also comes with an Integrated Air Filter that prevents unwanted cooking smells and vapours. It requires minimal heat-up time, so even when in a hurry, one can quickly and easily prepare a batch of best tasting fries without the oil. Price: INR 14995/-
  • Philips SoupMaker: Another pioneering innovation by Philips, this is a distinctive device designed to make a perfectly blended delectable soup in minutes with minimal human intervention. It is a unique combination of a boiler and a blender that perfectly blends and cooks a deliciously healthy soup. This portable device with its jug-like structure is easy to operate and can be used anywhere, anytime! Price: INR 9990/-
  • PreClean Juicer:Featuring Philips’ innovative upside-down sieve with unique Quickclean technology, the juicer’s ‘maximum juice, minimum fuss’ design makes it easy for everyone to enjoy healthy, home-made juices any day – any time. It has a revolutionary electro-polished sieve which helps you reduce the time spent removing tricky food fibers stuck in the mesh after juicing – the fibers don’t get caught due to the smooth surface and can simply be wiped away. Moreover the juicer features the unique PreClean technology which creates a water fountain in the juicer, that rinses away the unwanted fibres from the sieve and make it easier to clean. Cleaning takes just one minute with the new Philips Quickclean Juicers – HR1863 and HR1855.Price: HR1863 INR – 10495/- & HR1855 INR – 9495/-
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Philips promotes Healthy Living through their Kitchen Appliances, which aim to transform the experience of unhealthy food by making it a guilt free experience for consumers across India. Philips Kitchen Appliances range is dedicated to empowering kitchens and making everyday life simpler. The first ever brand ambassador for Philips Kitchen Appliances, RanveerBrar, with his experience and expertise, empowers consumers to better use the high-tech appliances offered by Philips to live healthy and make cooking a pleasurable experience at the same time.Ranveer’saffinity towards healthy food and Philips’ dedication towards making healthy living easier for its consumers go well in sync together.


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