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NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Cheshta Mehta as told to NewZNew team :


Tell us about your new show Rumm Pumm Po on SAB TV?

This is my first time where I am doing a silent comedy. Rumm Pumm Po is a silent romantic comedy where there is going to be beautiful representation of relationships. In this show I am playing the lead role named Rani and my co–star Raja’s role is enacted by Abhishek Sharma. It’s a love story of Raja and Rani and how they will face the difficulties because of the indifferences between their families.

What are the challenges in acting in a silent comedy show?

The biggest challenge in a silent comedy is that there are no dialogues, and we have to just enact and express our story to the viewers. Sometimes it gets a little difficult because we have to enact in such a way that our viewers understand what we are trying to convey to them. So we have to be very particular in the way we enact our scenes and lines to each other because without dialogues and just with body movements and expressions we have to narrate the story to our viewers.

How is your experience working with your co-stars?

We have a lot of fun on the sets of our show. All my co-stars are very nice and we have all become like one big family. To trouble everyone on the sets I keep irritating them with my PJ’s and in return even they do the same. It’s truly an amazing experience working with them.

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Apart from Rumm Pumm Po are you working on any other project?

For now I am mainly focusing on Rumm Pumm Po but prior to this I have done a few shows like Mahadev and Sinhasan Battisi.

Is this the first time that you are working on a comedy show? How working on a comedy different from the previous fiction shows that you have worked on?

This is the first time on SAB TV that I am working on a comedy series. There is completely different specialty to this show as this is a silent comedy. In all this show is a complete different experience as it is a silent comedy and working on such a challenging show is a fun experience and I am enjoying it.

What is your chemistry with the lead Abhishek Sharma and Abhishek Bajaj from the show?

Well its fun working with them and we play a lot of pranks and they are very supportive and we understand each other which makes the working all the more smooth for us.

Do you look up to anyone in this industry as a role model or who do you take as your mentor?

I believe that if I have to look up to someone in the industry then I would have to be just like them. But being in my own shoes that is being Cheshta Mehta is what I want to be and recognized for and I wish that the viewer’s love me for who I am instead of comparing me to anyone else.

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