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Child actor Ruhaana Khanna dances to veteran actor Jaya Bhattacharya’s tunes

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The sets of &TV’s Gangaa echo with music and foot tapping these days. That’s because Ruhaana Khanna, who plays Gangaa in the show, and other child actors who are her classmates are being taught dance by none other than Sudha Bua (Jaya Bhattacharya) in the show.


Actress Jaya Bhattacharya has turned into a dance tutor for the kids and they have dance lessons every day. Nothing pleases the kids more and Jaya herself has a good time teaching them. So apart from learning acting skills from senior actors in the show, Gangaa and company will go back becoming good dancers, too. Talk about learning on the job.


Jaya says, “I have always been passionate about dance and gladly teach friends and family if they want to learn. Ruhana and the other kids are such a delight to teach. I had a lot of fun dancing with them. They are picking up really quick.”

Ruhana adds, “I really like dancing. And Jaya aunty is a great tutor. All of us look forward to our dance lessons every day.”

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