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Chitkara International School celebrates its 3-day Annual Function titled “Dhatu: The MetalVerse Odyssey”

Chitkara International School celebrates its 3-day Annual Function titled “Dhatu: The MetalVerse Odyssey”Chitkara International School marked its annual day viz. Dhatu – The MetalVerse Odyssey with a series of entertaining & informative performances from its students.

Chitkara International School celebrates its 3-day Annual Function titled “DhatuStudents were immersed in the theme “Dhatu – The MetalVerse Odyssey” as they explored a diverse range of metals through a carefully curated metal cart and engaging PowerPoint presentations. The theme was promoted through a beautifully curated backdrop, picturing the prominence of metal items in the market world with shops entertainingly tagged to showcase the glories of metalsmiths, blacksmiths and goldsmiths as “Panna Lal Johari”, “Kallumal Steel Wale”, “Birju Lohariya” and “Sharma ji Tambe Wale”.

The riveting sight also included a large human-sized model of the most used metal applications at the forefront. Notably, a special metallic inauguration was arranged wherein purified metallic water flowing from a metallic tap symbolized the removal of all bacteria, viruses, and negative energy and reflected the school’s solemn wish for the well-being of the stakeholders present.

Upholding the school’s longstanding tradition, each student of the school from Kindergarten to Grade 12, avidly exhibited varied art forms with significant performances and stage presence. Importantly, this year, reflecting its commitment to ensuring effective art integration as laid down under the mission of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the school put together an artistic representation of the Earth’s different metals and metal alloys that helped students learn and grasp information of various elements including aluminum, copper, tin, brass, silver, platinum, stainless steel, mercury, gold and iron and further highlight their significant roles in everyday lives. A similar sight was also witnessed at the annual day observed recently in the Panchkula campus of the school.

Notably, encouraging the students on the special occasion, the honorable Chancellor, Chitkara University, Dr Ashok K Chitkara along with Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University and Chairperson, Chitkara International Schools, Dr Madhu Chitkara and Director, Chitkara International Schools, Dr Niyati Chitkara, ennobled the function and welcomed the esteemed dignitaries and parents to the memorable event.

Chitkara International School celebrates its 3-day Annual Function titled “DhatuBeginning on a pious note with a divine Shiv Stuti and a musical performance named The Elemental Harmony; the metal-filled show included a special feature from Chitkara University’s rhythmic dance group, Custody, and was ensued by a series of dance, act, and music performances from students of different classes. Spread over the course of 3 days, the school’s endearing tiny tots took to the stage on Day 1 of the function along with the students of class 1, exhibiting their charm through well-choreographed dances on different metals. The behavioral aspects of such metals were further manifested by the outstanding theatre team of the school throughout the event.

The Day 2 thereafter witnessed the function evolve into a stellar saga of the metallic world and a musical and theatrical extravaganza of the Mendeleev’s periodic table, as the students of classes 2 to 6, showed the might of metals with equally mighty and exuberant dance and theatrical performances. Correspondingly, the Day 3 of the event celebrated the properties and applications of various metals, as the students of classes 7 to 12 took to the stage to represent their knack for different art forms and understanding of the history, origin, usage, and scientific features of metals across the world through brilliant dance, theatre, and music performances. As the event closed on a high note with a scintillating Bhangra performance by the senior school students, it also witnessed the Serenade of Ghungroos, a Kathak extravaganza showcasing the beauty of metals.

Expressing her joy and contentment on the occasion, Director, Chitkara International Schools, Dr Niyati Chitkara said, “We’re thrilled to have been joined by all the dignitaries, parents, and teachers who came together to motivate the students on a truly important day of their lives. For CIS, annual days are all about fun-filled learning and artistic expressions, and this year, our focus on metals helped us promote this vision extensively. I congratulate all the students and teachers on a meritorious show and commend the splendid talents displayed by children so confidently. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the stakeholders for their unwavering support and encouragement.”

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