Choose certified organic products for your babies with organic


Move over ‘natural’; choose certified organic products for your babies with organic, certified pure, and zero toxin products: The outermost layer of baby’s skin is 30% thinner than that of adults. Hence, it is super sensitive and permeable.

choose certified organic products for your babies with organic

That is why it is necessary to choose products which are made from pure ingredients and are extremely safe. Organic, as we know, is the purest form of nature, grown without any harmful chemicals, synthetic pesticides, or fertilisers – just how Mother Nature intended. And zero toxins ensure the products are super safe to use.

Products available in the market today that claim to be natural may not be 100% safe (product makers could include only 0.01% ingredients that are ‘natural’ to be able to market it as such). This could mean that these so-called ‘natural’ products may still contain harmful preservatives and chemicals or include toxic ingredients grown using pesticides.

Understanding the dilemma of parents, the house of Godrej Consumer Products has introduced goodnessme, a premium range of certified products made from organic ingredients and zero toxins for sensitive baby skin.

goodnessme products have been formulated keeping harmful chemicals as far away as possible. The range has taken over 3 years of research and testing to develop, with ingredients having been sourced from all around the world. The baby skin care range is Certified COSMOS Organic by ECOCERT, France – one of the world’s largest organic certification organisations. The certification can only be achieved after passing through stringent compliance processes including raw material testing, formulation approvals, even annual factory audits, including banning more than 1300 ingredients deemed not fit for use for baby products as per European standards. It’s no surprise, then, that the products don’t include any toxins, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, or silicones, ensuring 100% transparency and re-establishing the promise of purity.

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goodnessme products also go through rigorous testing outside of the European standards and are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, paediatrician certified, vegan and cruelty-free, making them super mild and safe to protect the delicate skin of babies.

Meant for little ones between 0-2 years, the goodnessme range includes a variety of products in multiple SKU’s like certified organic baby soap; certified organic baby oil; certified organic baby moisturizer; certified organic multipurpose baby cream; certified organic baby head-to-toe wash, and so on. The products are made with organic ingredients and zero toxins and are perfect for sensitive baby skin.

MASSAGE RANGE: Organic Baby Oil

Product Bio: A super-pure blend of 6 organic oils – Almond, Olive, Jojoba, Sesame, Argan, Safflower – and Vitamin E to help nourish, protect and soothe the baby’s delicate skin.

Sizes Available: 100 ML @ INR 700 / and 200ML @ INR 1350 / – Organic Coconut Baby Hair and Massage Oil

Product Bio: A 100% organic and cold-pressed coconut oil for baby hair protects, nourishes, strengthens, and conditions your baby’s hair rom the roots, helping protect against hair damage and promoting longer, smoother, and shinier hair. The oil is also great for a nourishing body massage and it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties protect against irritation.

Sizes Available: 1U X 100 ML @ INR 299

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BATHING RANGE: Certified Organic Baby Head-To-Toe Foam Wash

Product Bio: A certified organic Baby Head-to-Toe Form Wash is a 3-in-1 gentle cleanser that is tear and irritation free, keeping the baby’s face, hair and body clean. Made with the goodness of organic ingredients like Chamomile, Rose and Lavender, this foam-based wash is ideal for the baby’s head-to-toe bathing requirements.

Sizes Available: 200 ML @ INR 470 / and 400ML @ INR 900 / – Certified Organic Baby Soap

Product Bio: Made with the goodness of organic ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Chamomile, this certified organic, super-mild soap gently cleanses and moisturizes the baby’s skin after every bath.

Sizes Available: 1U X 100G @ INR 250 / 2U X 100G @ INR 400 / and 4U X 50G @ INR 425 / –

LOTIONS AND CREAMS: Certified Organic Baby Lotion

Product Bio: This certified organic Baby Lotion is a super-safe, moisturizing lotion that helps nourish the baby’s skin and keeps it soft & supple for the whole day. Made with the goodness of certified organic Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, it is perfect for the baby’s delicate skin that deserves only the gentlest protection and nourishment.

Sizes Available: 100ML @ INR 230 / 200ML @ INR 410 / 400ML @ INR 730 / and 2U X 400ML @ INR 1460

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Product Bio: Whether you are looking for the best baby cream for dry skin or organic diaper rash cream, your search ends at this certified organic multi-purpose Baby Cream. Made with the goodness of organic ingredients like Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Rose Water, this super-good cream provides a safe solution that keeps the baby’s skin protected against rashes, redness, minor cuts, skin inflammation and dryness. Many skin problems, one solution.

Sizes Available: 50G @ INR 350 / and 100G @ INR 650 / –

Being a digital-first brand, goodnessme products are only available online as of now and can be purchased from the brand website ( and across online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and FirstCry.


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