CITCO’s New Website – Launched


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Today Managing Director, CITCO Ms. Kavita Singh launched new CITCO website to incorporate the latest technological advancement and compatibility of website performance for customers across the world. Today internet easily facilitates any national and international visitor to know about accommodation, bookings in hotels before their itinerary is finalised and better deals come across the websites which are browsed by large number of population around the world who are tech savy and want to have the best deals from the hotels.

CITCO has undertaken massive renovation/Upgradation facilities in its flagship 5-star hotel Mountview and Hotel Shivalikview, therefore, there was a dire need to showcase the new facilities so that the customers are abreast of the upgraded infrastructure in CITCO hotels for better business prospects.

CITCO’s new interactive website portal speaks distinctly about its professional offerings including 360 degrees view of each and every facility of the hotel.  The new website is not only attractive but has features to engage the customers and audience. Today website has a great power to attract business and also to have a social connect. MD, CITCO stated that this web portal being dynamic and customized with multi browser and multi device compatibility. The business connectivity would improve which shall largely bring a more customers and business to CITCO hotels.

Alongwith the launch of CITCO’s website, the Hotel Mountview also starts Tawa & Tandoor


“The Chill of Winters is here” but there is a special treat to warm the City Hearts from CITCO’s five star Hotel Mountview. The twelve days Punjabi Rangaa-Rang “TAWA & TANDOOR FESTIVAL” is being organized at the VINTAGE, First Floor, Hotel Mountview, Sector 10, Chandigarh from 10th to 21st December, 2014.
The Festival gets a great start today with choicest delicacies of Tawa & Tandoor prepared by Master Chefs amidst lot of festivities and merriments. The Vintage Bar has been decked up to evoke the ambience of the land of Five Rivers and the modern day Punjab. The hotel will roll out innovative Punjabi Flavours for Gourmets to feel the pulsating and exquisite Menu crafted by our Master Chefs throughout the food festival.
Hotel Mountview has the tradition of promoting and showcasing the tradition and heritage of Punjab through its various Food Festivals held Round the Year. During this season of colourful Chrysanthemums and abundant flora, hotel offers traditional favourites like ‘Soya Keema Masala’ and mesmerizing ‘Rang Rangilie Chammia’ ‘Gaulati Kebab’ ‘Moong Machli Mumtaz’ and much more. There is an exquisite menu featuring Chicken-Mutton-Fish cuisines with a magical blend of spices and slow fire cooking highlighting the magnificent Punjabi cuisine which is popular across the world known as Punjabi Curry & Kababs. Entertainment quotient is also high during the food festival with live band and DJ as music blends with food component to give a wholesome experience to patrons.

According to Ms. Kavita Singh, Managing Director CITCO the Food Festival is an occasion to bring choicest cuisine to food lovers with composite menu at discounted rate per person of Rs. 1000/- which otherwise on a fine dining –  A’la carte style would cost higher.  Therefore, I am sanguine that during this wonderful season with the  onset of winters, the Food Festival will be a perfect combination of Good Food & Good weather together.  Also lot of citizens of tri-city and even visitors would just love the food at “Tawa & Tandoor Festival” complemented with different Musical performances on different days with special Live Band performances on Fridays to have a good enjoyable  weekend ahead.



Time   :

Lunch                                       :         12 noon to 4 pm

Dinner                                     :         7 pm to 1200 mid night

Menu rate per head/person :         Rs. 1000/- inclusive of tax

v For table bookings & reservations, please contact  : +91 172 467 1111 Mob No.  90411 66677 / 90411 55566

Menu with choicest delicacies”



Soya Keema Masala

Soya Granules and Soya Chunks cooked on griddle with the selected aromatic Indian spices. A vegetarian’s delicacy.

Tawa Arbi

Arbicut into roundels and tossed with Indian spices.

Gol Mirch Kee Malai Soya Champ

Areplacement of non-veg malai kebab.

Mexican Waves

Exotic English vegetables in the Mexican style.

Nadru Kebab

Lotus stems patties cooked on the griddle.

Tulsi Ka Tikka

Basil flavoured Paneer Tikka.

Tandoori Phool

A tandoori delicacy of Broccoli flavoured with the mustard seeds.=

Tandoori Gullisatan

Paharialoo stuffed with dry nuts and spices and cooked in clayoven.

Nababi Adrak Aur Palak Kebab

A spicy patty of ginger and spinach.



Tandoori Batair

Batair cooked in tandoor with the tandoori marinades.

Chicken Kulfi Kabab

Stuffed Chicken drumsticks cooked in clay oven to the perfection.

Rang Rangilie Chammia

A colourful chicken seekh (Chef’s exclusive speciality)

Yarran Da Tashan

Murg Tandoor and Tawa Mix.


Mutton Taka-Tak

Thisis a mutton delicacy from the streets of Punjab.

Gaulati Kabab

A delicacy from the Royal Gharana’s of Nababs.

Mutton Kebab Balle-Balle

Bonless mutton chunks cooked in tandoor.


Moong-Machli Mumtaz

A distinctive mouth watering combination of Sole fish mince and soaked moongdal

PanFried Amritsari Fish

Sole Fish marinated in Punjabi style and cooked on tawa.

Tandoori Pomfret

A pink salmon marinated in the tandoori marinade and cooked intandoor.


Honey Glazed Stuffed Gulukand Jamun

A gulab jamun stuffed with gulukand and glazed with honey and drynut.

Sizzling Hot Chocolate Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream

A piping hot browning with frozen Ice Cream