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City’s first all women tattoo studio opens in Sector 8

City’s first all women tattoo studio opens in Sector 8: Aarzoo Sharma, a young tattoo artist today unveiled her first tattoo studio, Tattoo Baby in Sector 8 market here. Renowned Actor-Model, Jonita Doda inaugurated the studio, which is the city’s first all-women tattoo artists studio.

City’s first all women tattoo studio opens in Sector 8Aarzoo, who describes herself as “travelling tattoo artist” says that she has travelled enough, seen the world with the eyes of a tattoo artist and got a good exposure of preferences of artistic expression of the people of various cities especially Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

For now, she has decided to halt her journeys for a while and settle down in Chandigarh and practice her art in the city beautiful, the city which has groomed her as an artist.

A born artist, she had a penchant for art and craft right from childhood. A graduate in mass communications from St Xaviers’, Mumbai, one of the most renowned colleges of India decided that she was not getting her soul satisfied if she went ahead to pursue her career in the field. She did her internship with a newspaper which also has their own digital channel and got immense appreciation that she was absolutely made out for a press/media job.

Aarzoo explains, “I thought it was probably not what I desired, so I did a post-graduation course in Animation from Pearl Institute in Delhi and also did freelance work putting my travelling on the backburner. I decided to open “All Women Artists” tattoo studio along with my partner Ajay who would offer additional services of piercing and permanent make-up by employing expert women staff.”

She feels that people interested in all three belong to the same tribe and they want to express themselves more fully by getting inked, pierced or through enhancement of their beauty with the latest permanent make-up techniques.

Explaining the concept Aarzoo says, “This would be a first-of-its-kind studio in the city beautiful, run by a young woman who herself is an accomplished tattoo artist and the staff and the supporting artists would mostly be women. The idea behind all women studio is that many women these days get their tattoos on body parts which they would feel more comfortable revealing to a woman artist than a male one, all those women would find a place to break any mental barriers they might be having and get themselves inked freely. The “Tattoo Baby”, the brand name and the mascot is a personal superhero like in marvel comics, but her super power is tattooing.”

City’s first all women tattoo studio opens in Sector 8She added, “The journey from the corporate world to the vibrant realm of art has been a transformative one. Ajay, my partner at “Tattoo Baby” and a seasoned tattoo enthusiast recognized my passion for tattoos long before I did. He is the driving force behind our studio, providing the essential support needed for its establishment, and the one to come up with the name “Tattoo Baby”. Together, we’ve woven our dreams into the fabric of this studio”.

She further said, “After I made the decision to enter this industry, my family has been my unwavering support system. Their encouragement and belief in my potential have fuelled this venture. “Tattoo Baby” is not just a studio. It’s a fusion of our visions and souls, dedicated to fostering positivity around body art and piercings”.

The artists feel that their mission is to redefine the narrative surrounding tattoos with a professional and classy approach. Aarzoo concludes “Let’s break free from stereotypes and celebrate art. Welcome to Tattoo Baby, where we work, day and night to make you feel comfortable in your own bodies”.

With the help of my mentors in Delhi, I constantly work on getting better everyday. My immense interest in colored tattoos led me to discover Shobhit Sharma a renowned tattoo artist who specialises in colored pieces, with his help I have been working on perfecting my specialty, which is colored ink tattoos, trying to break the myth that only people with fair skin can and should get colored tattoos which is a complete hoax.

Trying to expand my horizons I also completed a piercing course with the most renowned piercing studio in Delhi, Bunkerzinks, where I learnt about human anatomy and how piercings work differently on different bodies.

The accomplished actor, director, and co-founder of Chandigarh Fashion Week, Jonita Doda, known for her fervour for self-expression and creativity, lauded the idea of adding a unique piece of art to one’s body. She emphasized that tattoos are more than just ink; they are personal narratives and symbols that resonate with individuals on a profound level.

“Embracing something you truly believe in and want to carry with you is a profound experience. Tattoos are more than just ink on skin; they are personal stories, symbols, and memories etched for a lifetime”, Jonita added.

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