Clowns abound on the sets of F.I.R


Star-cast of FIR in clown get up

NewZNew (Feature) : One of SAB TV’s most successful and longest running TV series – F.I.R showcases the funny and amusing complaints lodged at Imaan Chowki and the adventures of Chandramukhi Chautala and her team who resolve them. In the recent track, the cast had to don the guise of circus clowns to solve a case. An exceptional case at that, a clown on unique ‘selfie’ rampage running around town. The entire cast except Kavita Kaushik was clowning around in colorful costumes on the sets which made the entire atmosphere vibrant and funny. Everyone had a demure smile on their faces while some of the crew roared with laughter watching the star-cast doing funny antics. Why were the cast dressed as clowns? Was it to nab a criminal who works in the circus? Were they trying to capture a wanted criminal who had found succor in a glorified circus?


Gopi Bhalla aka Gopinath Gandola said, “I am the clown on the set and the show and I keep joking around all the time. For this particular sequence, it was interesting to see all my co-stars become jokers in the literal sense. The entire crew was joking around. I am sure the audiences will love this segment in all aspects.

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