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CM Bhagwant Mann campaigned for Fatehgarh Sahib candidate Gurpreet Singh GP

People of Raikot to Mann - We are proud of you, Mann said - all of this is your love and blessings, cannot repay the debt of your love in seven lives Mann attacked Sukhbir Badal - he lives in a palace, he comes out after asking the temperature, he doesn't know the pain and suffering of the common people Dynast politicians were Kaka ji, Raja ji and Biba ji, we are common people like you: Bhagwant Mann CM Bhagwant Mann appeals to the people of Fatehgarh Sahib constituency - 'jharoo' will be on no.3 on June 1st, make sure it comes to no.1 on June 4th We are like you, came from common families, from villages and government schools, send the AAP candidate to the parliament, he will be your voice: Bhagwant Mann

CM Bhagwant Mann campaigned for Fatehgarh Sahib candidate Gurpreet Singh GP, urged the people to vote to save our constitution and democracy: CM Bhagwant Mann, on Monday evening, campaigned for the AAP candidate from Fatehgarh Sahib Lok sabha constituency, Gurpreet Singh GP in Raikot. Mann took out a massive road show in favour of the AAP candidate and appealed to the people to vote for the AAP to save our democracy and constitution.

CM Bhagwant Mann campaigned for Fatehgarh Sahib candidate Gurpreet Singh GPAddressing the large crowd, Mann said that the ‘jharoo‘ button will be on no.3 on June 1st, make sure it is no.1 on June 4th. Mann said that after the 13-0 he will be able to work more freely and renewed confidence.

He urged the people to leave the opponents speechless with their mandate. He said, force them to do assessments of their deeds and their parties. After losing by 13-0 they are going to fight among themselves and blame each other. In the meantime the AAP government will take Punjab to new heights.

Mann said that people like Badal, Bajwa, Warring etc. are obstacles in the path of Punjab’s progress. Sideline them for good. He said that for the next few weeks, the traditional rich politicians will come to buy your votes, don’t refuse the money, it isn’t their in the first place, take money but vote for your children and their future, vote to save the constitution and democracy, vote for the politics of work, vote for the AAP.

Mann said that he has more achievements to recount in just two years than these people have after 75 years. He said that he gave 43,000 government jobs, 90% of households are getting zero electricity bills, bought a thermal power plant. Giving clarification on the door-to-door ration scheme of the Punjab government, he said that someone has spread a rumour that only flour will be available from the government. It is not true, totally a baseless rumour. People have both options. They can take flour or wheat, whichever they want.

Taking a dig at Sukhbir Badal he said that Badal comes out for two hours when the temperature is below 30°C to take out his Punjab Bachao Yatra. He said that a person who has a roof installed on his jeep cannot know the problems of the common people. Mann said that he has no problem in campaigning in 45°C, the love and support of the people is enough to inspire him. He said that they are Kaka ji, Raja ji and Biba ji, but we are common people like you. Elect the Aam Aadmi Party candidate Gurpreet Singh GP, he will raise your issues in the parliament, he will be the voice of the common people of Fatehgarh Sahib.

Mann continued that he is not in politics to earn money. Rich people get famous for a short time, but no one remembers them after they are gone. Mann said that the feeling he gets after serving the people of Punjab is priceless. Mann said that the people who stay true to their roots are the people who succeed in their lives. He said that only AAP has grounded leaders who care about the common people and their problems. The people of Raikot thanked CM Mann and said that they are proud of him and his work. Mann expressed his gratitude for praise and said that it is the love and blessings of the people which made it all possible.

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