Connect Broadband shares insight on how “extensive use of internet is impacting young minds”


Rolls out ‘Net Champs Program’ to impart training on internet etiquette and safety to school children

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Today’s world is marked by wide usage of technology in its various forms and extensive use of Internet. It is important for one to recognize its judicious consumption. How well aware are we of this virtual internet world we live in? To address the concern on how the fast growing internet revolution is impacting young minds, Connect Broadband rolled out ‘Net Champs’, an initiative to educate children on internet etiquettes making it an ideal platform to provide technical know-how to children on internet training. The program consists of a series of seminars targeted for students, teachers and parents followed by thrilling Quizzes for students that will also shortlist candidates for the next rounds.


While the Net Champs Program educates school children on the advantages of the internet and what children can do offline and online, it also aims to divulge the potential risks related to the internet and how one can avoid such risks. The potential risks include exposure to inappropriate material, harassment and bullying, physical molestation, Legal and financial, Viruses and Hackers. It also provides important guidelines on how children can avoid online risks, and rules for online safety and how to be a smart internet user.

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Adding a unique element to the Net Champs program, Connect Broadband hosted an interactive session with Dr. Ruby Ahuja, leading physiologist who talked about how psychology plays a role in more and more children becoming technology buffs and the increasing use of the internet. Interesting trends were shared on the psychological impact of internet on young minds and how social networking impacts a child’s behavior. Additionally, important guidelines were also shared on the role of parents and teachers on controlling and guiding the internet usage by children.

Talking about the Program and its takeaways, Mr Arvind Bali, Director and CEO, Connect Broadband & Videocon Telecommunications Limited, said, “Net Champs is a program that will make children well aware about the use of Technology and Internet. We not only want to educate children on internet etiquettes but also make learning more fun. Our motive is to make sure that today’s generation, especially the youth which is obsessed with the latest technological devices and are always on the lookout for the newest gadgets in the market to be well aware about the pro’s and con’s and use internet smartly.’’

Net Champs is a program to engage children with the purpose of educating them on the nuances of the World Wide Web and how to utilize their potential with information available just a click away.  The program is structured in three very interesting tiers; First round is the school round, followed by the second round which is the city round and the third round is the Grand finale. In each round, there are exciting prizes to be won. This year, Connect Broadband is in search of a ‘Net Champ’ via conducting a Chandigarh-Punjab wide mega contest.

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