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Crack of Dawn gives food for thought for intellectual voyeurism

Journalist Shamsher Chandel Releases his Debut Novel


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : In the normal course we do not question a lot of fundamentals we associate ourselves with. Novel, ‘Crack of Dawn’ by Shamsher Chandel aims at questioning it through intense conversations between characters who adhere to opposing ideologies – believers and non-believers, fundamentalists and free thinkers, etc.



Published by Petals Publishers, the fiction novel was released at The Browser Library and Book Store in Sector 8 here today. Shamsher is the Resident Editor with Dainik Bhaskar, Ludhiana and has over 18 years of experience in journalism including broadcast. The book will be shortly available in bookstores and on eCommerce Websites Flipkart and Amazon.

“Sir, prostitution gave birth to the institution of marriage. Marriage is a daughter, and prostitution, the mother. If marriage is sacred, prostitution is no less.” 

“Feeling is important recognition isn’t. Today when people visit Taj Mahal they do not talk about how much he loved his wife but how beautiful Taj Mahal is. The spirit, not the symbol is important, feeling, not its expression is important.” 

Through such conversations between characters the novel gives you food for thought for intellectual voyeurism and questioning the established thought.

Whether moorings are important? Do they make you feel secure or are they the reason for the decline of the growth of a human being. This and much more is what this novel explores and in detail.



Addressing the media persons here, Shamsher said, the book is a work of fiction – a philosophical thriller – a battle between two ideologies/philosophies and line of thoughts which results in a conflict.


He added, it is essentially about people who are bereft of any moorings and roots – people, who do not carry any sense of pride from the point of view of their ethnicity, religion, geographical belongingness, etc. And what happens when they are pitted against people filled with pride about their ethnicity, their culture, their religion and geographical belongingness. What should happen of them? And what will ultimately happen is what the novel is about.


It is mostly set in Shimla and its vicinity, where the protagonist of the work is out to set up the first ever-non territorial nation as the world watches.


Shamsher said, “When I started it was a very simple story of a woman who comes to Shimla to find her mother, who kind of abandoned her. But on second thoughts I realised it was a much bigger story that needed to be told in a different way — in a way that it did not look like a story of a single woman out to find her mom but of people who feel hollow, incomplete in their lives in different ways. May be, because you do not have a father or a mother, or you do not look like most others, you can’t relate to a particular God or religion of the majority you live with; in raw terms you do not belong to a squad or a gang which sometimes is given a more sophisticated nomenclature of ethnicity or caste or tribe and much more. That is how the idea of writing this novel struck me.”


He concluded, “When I started I didn’t know whether I will be able to make such a simple story, layer up with another one to address the larger issue of moorings and identity, and at the same time, be able to smoothen it for readers. At the end I think I have done justice.”

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