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Create a Lasting Impression by Fragrance Layering

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : If you are among the millions of women who love applying fragrance then take it to the next step by creating a longer lasting, all-over scent impression by layering body care products from your favorite fragrance’s range- Johara® Amaranthus Amazon Lily Body Care collection.


Your freshness regime begins with the first step, a luxurious bath with the ultra-rich Johara nourishing bar soap that gently cleanses the skin, making it feel soft and refreshed. Once you luxuriate in this fragrance bath, you can follow this up by smothering the Johara body lotion liberally over your body. The lotion has a fast absorbing property which leaves the skin non-sticky and refreshingly hydrated. Finish off this deluge of fragrance with the Johara body mist fragrance, spritzing all over the body and smell delectably divine the whole day long.

“The easiest form of fragrance layering involves combining products with a single fragrance to create a more intense, longer lasting, top-to-toe scent, “said Dr. Majeed, Chairmen, Sami Direct Pvt Ltd. “That’s why we created the Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Care collection, a collection of 3 body care products – Bath Bar Soap, Body Lotion & Body Mist with a fresh, crisp fragrance of Amaranthus & Amazon Lily. Our commitment to creating exciting products is evident in this remarkable new regime products.”

Johara, a premium cosmetics brand known for its enviable range of natural products, is born from over 25 years of research. The company has recently launched its luxurious body care collection of Amaranthus and Amazon Lilly fragrance. The kit includes Johara® Refreshing & Nourishing Bath Bar, Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Lotion and Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Mist.

Johara® Refreshing & Nourishing Bath Bar is an ultra-rich bar soap that gently cleanses the skin, making it feel soft and refreshed. Enhanced with premium, natural skin component-rich Amaranthus oil and vitamin E to maintain the moisture balance of your skin, to keep it soft and supremely supple. Richly fragranced with the timeless Amazon Lily, to create a daily refreshing bathing indulgence.

Johara® Amaranthus and Amazon Lily Body Lotion is enriched with the goodness of Amaranthus oil which deeply hydrates and helps the skin to maintain moisture. A fast absorbing body lotion that moisturizes and softens the skin. Enriched with Cococin™ CG, a nutrient rich extract from green tender coconut water that rejuvenate and leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished. Paraben, Sulphate, Formaldehyde, Synthetic dye Free.

Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Mist is an Experience the sheer luxury of this exotic yet cheerful fragrance. Its invigorating, crisp blend of irresistible Amaranthus and Amazon Lily fragrance will keep you smelling delectably divine, all through the day. Splash lavishly all over your body after bathing with the Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Bath Bar, and you will feel like you are walking through the rain-kissed amazon jungle.

The products are available across India through Sami Direct Independent Distributors or online at  at the below given price:

  • Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lilly Bath Bar – MRP- Rs.175 (pack of 3 soaps)
  • Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Lotion – MRP Rs.550 (200 ml)
  • Johara® Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Mist – MRP Rs.700 (150 ml)
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