Creative Arts Brainobrain kids Outshine in the National Abacus Competition 2014


NewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : Creative Arts Brainobrain Chandigarh and Panchkula kids participated in the 25th National Abacus Competition held in the Thyagaraj Stadium New Delhi on 30th Nov 2014. More than 4000 students participated from around the country.

Of the 50 students who participated from Creative Arts Chandigarh and Panchkula 45 children won the following prizes under various categories as under:

Champions: Shanaya Garg, Aarika Garg, Tanmay Khurana, Asmi Mittal, Hazel Garg, Sehaj Dhingra, Aditya Singla, Hardik Aggarwal, Aastha Sachdev, Rijul Pansari, Aakriti Bagri, Gurshaan Singh, Abhijai Singh, Mitushi Malhotra, Aastha Mishra, Shashwat Chauhan, Ayush Saini, Uddhav Gupta, Bhavika Kashyap.

Gold Toppers: Shreyaan Garg, Ojaswini Sikarwar, Yuvraj Baweja, Nakul Singh Sisodia, Chitra Sharma, Rishit Verma, Pari Goyal, Deeshita Mittal, Shreya, Uddantika Kashyap, Arjun, Aviraj Singh, Garv Kumar, Samya, Gurleen, Satvik, Aarushi, Saksham Singh.

Silver Toppers: Aashna Bagri, Ridhi Pansari, Bhavya Sharma, Abhinav Rana, Avinash Mishra,  Yashasvi, Kabir Aggarwal.

The competition was for 3 minutes and the children were given 70 sums to solve. The children solved 60 sums in 3 minutes. Children of Creative Arts Brainobrain Chandigarh and Panchkula were also given Demo Awards for demonstrating multi tasking skills along with calculations by showing a dance while calculating and playing the keyboard and calculating sums.

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Mrs. Rekha Bagri, Director, Creative Arts Brainobrain Kids Chandigarh and Panchkula said, “that this programme helps in the development of the brain in terms of concentration, visualisation, memory. Even the listening skills of the child are enhanced. It also helps in the overall personality of the child and helps them do better in their academics. The child can start this programme between the age of 4 to 14 years when maximum development of the brain takes place. It takes 2 1/2 years to complete the 10 level course by attending 2 hrs per week.
Rekha Bagri added that we use the Chinese Abacus as a tool to empower the mental abilities of the child. Children improve their computing skills multi fold with accuracy within a year with regular practice.  Children are also taught neurobics and given NLP training as well.

About: – We are a team of Young & Experienced professionals, who have come together to live a quality life, by doing all our best in shaping the tomorrow’s world. Our interest in Education & Training, along with the boom of Abacus interests in India, sowed the seeds of BRAINOBRAIN, in the year 2003. Having grown up to a network of 1200 successful franchise centres in 25 countries, we realize that as a rolling mass, we have gathered a lot of women entrepreneurs, from different back grounds, different cultures, different languages, together under one common vision of helping our children to breath freely into their world of choice, in these days of marks craving education & stressful examinations.

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At present, we deal with Advanced Abacus, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Personality Development, in our courses, which has been benefiting more than 1,00,000 students.
We encourage children to travel to new places, understand India and look at the world away from parents and get used to new cultures, demonstrate with confidence, what they learnt with us, over years and win praises and prizes. There is a personal touch, in every relationship that we have within our organization. Even using the word “organization” sounds little different to us.
The more appropriate term would be “Big Family”


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