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Dabur Revives Village Pond in Dharampur, Baddi

Dabur Revives Village Pond in Dharampur, Baddi: Moving towards its mission of becoming Water Positive by 2030, Dabur India Limited announced the reconstruction of a pond in Village Dharampur, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Dabur Revives Village Pond in DharampurThe rejuvenation of the village pond holds significant promise for the local community, with over 350 families poised to benefit from this project.

Speaking on the occasion, Dabur India Limited Chairman Mr. Mohit Burman said: “At Dabur, we recognise the importance of community level programmes for Water Conservation and Management. This project has been developed with active community participation to improve the sustainable livelihood of the poorest and excluded communities in the area by strengthening their access to water and technology as well as management capacities. By rejuvenating this village pond, we are not just restoring a natural resource, we are revitalizing an entire community. Dabur’s commitment to sustainable development and community welfare shines through initiatives like these, as we strive to create a better, brighter future for all.”

This comprehensive restoration project was initiated by Dabur’s CSR arm Jivanti Welfare and Charitable Trustin collaboration withthe Village Panchayat. Interventions included pond digging, desilting, stone-pitching, boundary wall construction, plantation etc alongside the installation of a sustainable water management system ensuring the pond’s long-term viability and functionality. The refurbished village pond in Dharamapur was inaugurated and handed over to the village panchayat at a function organised.

Speaking on the occasion,Dabur India Limited Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohit Malhotra said:“This initiative aligns seamlessly with our overarching commitment to achieve water positivity by 2030, a pledge that underscores our dedication to conserving and augmenting water resources for future generations. At Dabur, we recognize the critical importance of water sustainability in mitigating environmental challenges and ensuring the resilience of communities worldwide. By revitalizing the village pond in Dharampur, Baddi, we are not only taking a proactive step towards water conservation but also demonstrating our ambition to create lasting positive impacts on local ecosystems and livelihoods. Through concerted efforts such as this, we are actively working towards fulfilling our vision of a more sustainable and water-secure future, where communities thrive in harmony with nature.

Dabur India Limited has been actively engaged in various community-development initiatives in this region, including Education, Skill Development and Construction of Sanitation facilities. “What is that life worth which cannot bring comfort to others” These inspiring words from Dabur India Ltd Founder Dr. S. K. Burman have been the guiding light behind Dabur’s social development initiatives. Dabur has been involved with community development work since 1994, endeavouring to bring about an enduring change in the lives of people and to create the right environment for driving the local economy.

About Dabur India Ltd: Dabur India Ltd is one of India’s leading FMCG Companies. Building on a legacy of quality and experience for 140 years, Dabur is today India’s most trusted name and the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company. Dabur India’s FMCG portfolio includes eight Power Brands –Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Dabur Honitus, Dabur Pudin Hara and Dabur Lal Tail in the Healthcare space; Dabur Amla and Dabur Red Paste for Personal Care; and Réal in the Food & Beverages category.

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